Thursday, March 24, 2011

Signs of Spring


Signs of The Fall - From the Dept. of Fractured Fairytales
Who Took The Sheen Out Of The Snowbilly Crunchy Supreme - or - I Put My Cigarette Out In Your Moose Chili.

President Sheen. President Charlie Sheen, that is:
According to a new poll, independent voters say they favor Sheen over Sarah Palin by a 41/36 margin. USA Today

Certainly, this is good news for Meet the Press co-host John McCain.
(And his daughter Meghan, a leading political scientist who shags fly balls in shallow right field for Tina Brown's dippy softball team.)

Where have all the starbursts gone?
Bill Kristol (the grocery boy of stupid deliveries) throws the Mat-Su Valley Grifter under the snowmachine:
... to be honest I think she probably shouldn't be the Republican nominee for president. -- National Journal

Uh oh. You'll pay dearly for those broken dodo eggs, delivery boy!



pansypoo said...

don't tell me kristol is for the MN idiot.

i saw a squirrel yesterday. gotta wait for the migrants i guess.

the farmer said...

don't tell me kristol is for the MN idiot.

who knows. kristol has always reminded me of something that subsisted for the most part on a diet of houseflys. so i suppose its possible.


pansypoo said...

maybe starbursts for t paw.

pjk said...

Diet consisting mainly of house flies...

reminds me of a movie. Weird Science, maybe?

Kelly LeBrock, Bill Paxton, Anthony Michael Hall, etc.

Wherein Paxton gets transformed into some blob that, given enough time, could make the house a No Fly zone.

Not a classic, but it has its moments- and most of them involve him.

pre- "Game Over, Man!", I believe.

WAY before Frailty. and OTIS.

If it weren't for our diversions, we'd either all learn to get along, or get to wastin' those we dislike, right quick.


pansypoo said...

weird science was on cable a few months go + i watched the end.

pansypoo said...

more robins showing up and i might have seen 2 goldfinches. not sure.

the farmer said...

still too cold. saw some red wing blackbirds among the starlings but looks like winter is going to wander into april.


pansypoo said...

certainly has been cold again, but the ground is no longer permafrost. and CHIPPIE!

pjk said...

A little below normal temps for the area though. No wonder the furnace is acting up, as we near the Shut Your Broke Ass Off monopoly utility date of 4/1.

My favorite suggestion by their compassionate phone staff is to "get the money from your Church".

How's about from your CEO instead? That's only about 1% of his yearly compensation package.

Probably take-home, by now.

Would that make his wife a Corporate "welfare queen"?

Or just another example of what defines being successful vs a lowlife scumbag working class slob family with no ambition?

Watched part of Sunday's IndyCar race. The #4 finisher was some talented young lady with Clean Nuclear Energy as a sponsor.

When the pit commentator talked to their version of Roger Penske, it was all about a good collective effort and a great sponsor, at which point I asked the wife "who'd they have last year? BP?"

pansypoo said...

if only we could send tax bills to those who NEVER PAY THEIR WAY.