Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ayn Rand: illegal immigrant

Alisa Rosenbaum (aka: Ayn Rand) was born in Russia in 1905. Rand graduated from the University of Petrograd in October 1924 and in the fall of 1925 was "granted a visa to visit American relatives":

In the fall of 1925, she was granted a visa to visit American relatives. She left Russia on January 17, 1926, and arrived in the United States on February 19, entering by ship through New York City. ~ Wiki

After arriving in New York and weeping "tears of splendor" at the sight of all the big shiny buildings in Manhattan (see Wiki link) she rode out to Coney Island where she had her picture taken eating hot dogs with Eddie Cantor and Nelson Rockefeller (not really). She made her way to Chicago where she spent her time watching movies in a theater owned by a relative (see Wiki link). While visiting Chicago she plotted her next move:
After a brief stay with her relatives in Chicago, she resolved never to return to the Soviet Union, and set out for Hollywood to become a screenwriter. (see Wiki link)

The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." - Genesis 12:1

Alisa Rosenbaum (aka: Ayn Rand) - over-staying her visa - having vowed never to return to her country of origin - was now an illegal (criminal) commie atheist Rooskie fugitive immigrant loose in the God blessed real American breadbasket and headed for the promised heartland of southern California to pursue her shadowy alien dream of taking jobs away from real American screenwriters. Once in Jew controlled Hollywood she would sneak around taking day labor jobs from real Americans (and real-American illegal immigrants too) just to meet her sneaky Kerenskyite objectives.

Eventually she landed a job as an extra in the Cecille B. DeMille silent film King of Kings and it was at this time that she latched onto the actor Frank O'Connor (not the Irish author and anti-Treaty IRA "irregular"). Frank and Ayn got along swell and the next thing you know...:
The two were married on April 15, 1929. Rand became an American citizen in 1931.

1931 For approximately five years, Ayn Rand - illegal fugitive immigrant from Soviet Stalinist Russia - would evade capture and extradition and eventually marry an American citizen while she was still a fugitive from immigration justice. Finally, in 1931, she would be granted amnesty and US citizenship and Alisa Rosenbaum's evasion of the laws of the United States of America would come to an end.

And not a year too soon, because, on June 14, 1932 a little Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be born in Springfield, MA.

Now some - that chattering wally-muggins from Lake Lucille for instance, or self-certified unbridled quack tonic Rand Paul, or the goober senator from Arizona John Kyl, or that dull witted clod J.D. Hayworth, or clunker McCain, or the walking panic disorder Tom Tancredo, among too many others - might suggest we revoke Ayn Rand's citizenship and exhume her remains from Kensico Cemetery in Westchester county and ship her back to St. Petersburg in a White Nights Espresso Dazbog coffee travel mug. But not me. No siree.

I think we should erect a gigantic Ayn Rand memorial welcome fountain somewhere along the border in Arizona with a stone plaque tablet that reads:

'"Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." - I got away with it, so can you. And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (who was born in Hollywood, California) can kiss my border hopping ass!"



pansypoo said...

hollywood writer? no wonder a lot old movies are ridiculous.

Charles2 said...

I snorted water out my nose. Thanks for the laugh!

It's good to be back.

the farmer said...

re: january 24 2009

gawd damn Charles! That hadda hurt. Good to see you back.


pjk said...

She wanted a place where she couldn't see Russia from her back porch.

pansypoo said...

water is better than soda.

the farmer said...

good one PJK.

also too: Charles was one of the original Liberal Coalition bloggers going way back to about 2004 or so and blogging at The Fulcrum ( I couldn't find a permalink to the post but If ya want to see what a Honda CRV looks like after it has run head long into a logging truck you can go over there and scroll down the page to the August 02 post and find out. You'll also find out what happens to someone inside a Honda CRV after its run head long into a logging truck. Which is why Charles is glad to be back (no doubt glad to be here at all for that matter).


Anonymous said...

eek. welcome back indeed.

incorrect password????

Betty Cracker said...

Ha ha -- brilliant! It's a wonder Rand didn't drop an anchor baby.

the farmer said...

Betty, yup. I know what ya mean. I was thinking about that too. After shrugging off the immigration laws she went on to thumb her nose at sacred institution of marriage by remaining childless. Too bad that sperm fountain Strom Thurmond didn't get his hands on her. He woulda made a real American out of her.


the farmer said...

from the NYTimes article on Patricia Neal:

[snip] “The Fountainhead” was a failure. Ms. Neal saw it at a Hollywood premiere. “You knew, from the very first reel, it was destined to be a monumental bomb,” she said. “My status changed immediately. That was the end of my career as a second Garbo.” [/snip]


Matt said...

You idiot. She had a visa at first which makes this whole example irrelevant.

the farmer said...

She had a visa at first which makes this whole example irrelevant.

Oh yeah, well...I've never seen her visa. Can you prove she really had a real visa? Lets see it. And I don't mean a copy of some photograph of her visa but the real long form visa. Where is her real long form visa? The one with a bumpy stamp and an official signiture on it. - and i'm not talking expired credit card applications here either.



Rand was more like a Cuban than a Mexican. She fled STALIN you idiots.

the farmer said...

Rand was more like a Cuban than a Mexican. She fled STALIN you idiots.

Oh bullshit. She came to the US on a visitation visa and overstayed her visa. And she came in 1925, a few months after Lenin died and a couple of years before Stalin consolidated his power.