Friday, March 18, 2011

General Purpose Open Thread



pansypoo said...

not sure i should get political at art fairs. returds have more money.

the farmer said...

i wouldn't. unless it were something themed for that purpose or a fundraiser geared to a particular point of view or something like that. good to have a place to go where everyone can pretty much agree with each other about whats going on regardless of which side of a political divide they are on.


pansypoo said...

i'll wear red or orange tho.

pjk said...

Red makes you a commie, and orange makes you a Syracuse fan or an evil Protestant (see comments from 3/17 below).

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! doesn't go as far as a brick through the former Governor's mansion front window in terms of getting someone's attention these days.

Will of The People? Tack a referendum vote on the April 5 ballot for judges and school board members re: Anyone who heard "I'm a Nutcase, Vote for Me!" can still be counted in the pro-Walkenstein column.

Someone's already made the reference, but him and his "fears of uncertainty = +.15/gallon/week" cronies are sure looking forward to Springtime For Walker.

pansypoo said...

is pink for socialist?

pjk said...


you're not putting in OT to make parts for replacement cruise missles, are ya?

The gas pricing gurus must have (1st) heard analysts peg the need for increase to be about 15 cents, and had their brains hear 50%-

and (2nd) decided to shell out some of that windfall to pay their Redneck Newz Networks (that't be around 99.9% of what's available here) profit prophets to Keep On a-Pimpin' $4-$5 gas by Summer!!!!

Breaking NewZ! We're all owned by a few rich fucks who have a vested interest in keepin' you stupid enough to believe what we tell you!

Would cable (and the cost of advertising) be significantly less if you didn't have to hear the same lies over 'n over until it sets in the (ahem) "minds" of the targeted demograghic?

Scratch that; we'll go with target audience or control group. Dem=bad.

pansy- not sure on the color of Socialism- but it gets applied to anything that diverts the color green from certain bank accounts.

Especially the ones that do their best to say their bottom line is in the red, when it's actually as black as their lying little Free Market Capitalism is Gawd hearts.

Happy Spring.

pansypoo said...

welcome to neo-feudalism. walmart-serfs r us.

the farmer said...

you're not putting in OT to make parts for replacement cruise missles, are ya?

Not unless the US Navy wants to start flinging chunks of fresh split firewood into Libyian airspace. Just spending some time enjoying the warm weather before it gets ugly again. And being glad i didn't take the chains off the snowplow.

the farmer said...

I also been reading about Frank Sheeran, "The Irishman" who worked for the Bufalino crime family as well as Angelo Bruno's Philadelphia family and confessed to killing Jimmy Hoffa. (I'm guessing maybe Hoffa ended up at the bottom of Lake St Clair).

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorcese are apparently making a movie based on the book about it by Charles Brandt titled "I Hear You Paint Houses". Same guy who wrote "Donnie Brasco" which was about Joe Pistone's infiltration of the Bonanno crime family.


pjk said...

I cast my vote for Tommy Sizemore as Hoffa.

And a coupla dem boys would appreciate split firewood, as long as it din't hit nobody on the head during delivery.

Maybe you can't get it to gyrate by feeding it quarters, but I don't remember playing on fighter plane wreckage as a kid in Mr. pjk's neighborhood!

Gotta love "the evil non-president is bypassing Congress to Start A(nother) War!" argument. I just tell them that it's a coalition of the willing, and the last guy ursurped the role of The Decider-

so, what's the problem? The job fell into the hands of a Secret Muslim, who used those powers to enforce a UN- backed no-fly zone over a country that was waging war on its civilians, by request of their bordering (Muslim, Muslim, Muslim) countries?

Almost like George Sr. Or Clinton.

Didn't get to vote "No". They must feel so left out of voting against what they used to support.

the farmer said...

They must feel so left out of voting against what they used to support.
Like Kosovo or Operation Deny Flight in Bosnia and Herzegovina - another NATO no-fly operation. All of a sudden the UN Security Council is doing what it was set up to do in the first place and the doomsday tantrums are flying. If that little serbian-american brine shrimp from Cleveland, Dennis Kucinich, had his way, Slobodan Milosevic would still be burning down houses and shitting down the necks of corpses.

I cast my vote for Tommy Sizemore as Hoffa.
Yup, I can see that. And he could sure use any help Jimmy Hoffa might afford him.


pansypoo said...

i think boner didn't call congress back cause they wanted obama to do the work for them.

pjk said...

A vacation which involves all sorts of fundraiser/lobbying/schmoozing, where you can come back and start Every Friggin' Sentence with "all of my constituents that I've talked to say..."

How about the ones you have escorted out by security, because they don't agree with you and those corporate "persons"?

But but but (per pansy) Mo-Mo's a Bad Person! Didn't G-Dub the Shrub make it clear about unilateral decision points?

We'd bring back Alberto Gonzales if he could recall anything on the record. Ashcroft, however, is the target of a lawsuit while being defended with tax $ and most likely has no comment (beyond "Let the F-15 Soar").

RIP Liz Taylor.

the farmer said...

don't you guys like mobster movies? i can't believe you don't like mobster movies. I love mobster movies. I thought everyone loved mobster movies...


pjk said...

When I was a kid, I always dreamed of growin' up to be a Gangsta...

Hell Yeah, Farmer with a capitol f!

But now it's too damned Orwellian, where you can't tell the men from the pigs, trying to cheat each other at a "gentleman's game".

Bust Unions back to the pre-Railroad Workers stone age, and transfer the tax burden 100% onto the backs of your employees, while you get massive returns on your political investments?

Gimme a real live gangster with buddies, close friends and other Family Members any time over Capitalism as God.

At least they have a code of ethics. They always want more, but they reward their good earners in ways, ya know, kinda sorta on like a productivity basis thing.

That's why I love Road to Perdition. "We all got rich on what guys do after work; no sense tryin' to screw them there as well". That and Tom Hanks sad look before he empties the chopper in the more-than-general direction of Paul Newman.

Mike Sullivan. Another nice, God-Fearin' family-minded Irish guy. Just lookin' ta make a decent day's pay for a good day's work.

Give me the video version first, and I'd tolerate a little real-life influence (ain't no worse than Brewer Stadium Tax or a Emissions Testing Zone).

But right-wing gangsters? In suits with flag pins, calling their shit The Law of the Land?

You gonna have a boatload of jobs Americans don't want to do; those borders are mighty close, and weather-wise, I wouldn't be worse off.

Fuck 'Em.

the farmer said...

Well maybe there is something romantic to some of the old time bootleggers and gamblers but a big part of the mob is just the most vicious form of capitalism. Take Albert Cernadas (Genovese family) for example - one of the guys they rounded up a few weeks ago in that big mob bust in NY and NJ and Rhode Island. He pulled down 500K a year as a Longshoremen official in NJ accused of annually shaking down Local members for their Christmas bonus checks (tribute payments).


pjk said...


What- competing with China cutting into their bottom line?

I would think a big enough union would hand out more than that-

so he was being a "good earner".

I love my family dearly, but I wouldn't have too big a problem saying "No" to that little contribution; the problem being that it wouldn't be him getting the 230 grain "I decline" or "Remind me later" box checked, it'd be a surrogate. And there is no end to people willing to fill that spot, in pursuit of an income that rewards them for their skill set.

Like the MegaMillions lotto Friday; 300M+, single winner in Albany from what I hear. Lotta interest in what you could do with your dollar investment, because wasting your cash on lotto vs. a 401K (especially if you're not in one) has a real allure in times like this.

The New & Improved American Dream involves robbing someone to make a better life for you and the family.

Low-end dreamers just run around the night before Big Pickup weekend and snag anything worth running down to the scrapyard, before the municipality gets their hands on it.

$5 for a 150 square foot roll of generic aluminum foil? And that's living in a county where the City borrows money from the recycling program. And von Walker just decided to cut State funding for recycling programs.

We go from Zeidler and Proxmire to this?

Maybe that radium in the city water has long-term effects. Maybe stupidity has become a dominant gene in humans.

Just like Glover, I'm gettin' too old for this shit.

the farmer said...

I come here to post a couple of links on topic and turn on HBO and the Road to Perdition is just starting. What are the odds?

(New Jersey Today)

(New Jersey dot com)

both links are stories about the Cernada, Leonardis, etc... NJ waterfront mob connections and recent arrests.


the farmer said...

(I'm guessing maybe Hoffa ended up at the bottom of Lake St Clair).

Turns out, according to Sheeran, Hoffa's body was cremated.