Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SBL Nature Trail

Flying Tits.

( click image for full size pic )



pansypoo said...

dang, my birds SUCK, except the chickadees. and cardinals.

the farmer said...

the titties like suet a lot. and sunflower seeds. they seem to like the upside down suet feeder best (so they can hang upside down while they eat). and they like having a bush or tree close by that they can run back and forth to for cover. like chickadees.

i also keep the feeders in spots protected from direct wind - especially north wind. plus (big plus) i'm backed up against about 300 acres of hardwood forest. which is a pretty big advantage when it comes to having the right kind of habitat handy for all kinds of birdies and forest critters. And titmice like nesting in oak trees and other hardwoods.
I don't see too many bluebirds or orioles because they like big open meadows.

I also have a small hole in my garage door that the carolina wrens use to get in and out during the winter. they've been spending winters in there for years.


pansypoo said...

i think i one saw a tit downtown in a parking lot. probable lost.. need to go south or north for some parkland.