Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Wobbly Cat

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Governor Koch Whore
Gov. Scott Walker knows whose side he's on. Has a candid discussion with his sugar daddy "David Koch".

Via Rumproast YouTube audio of conversation between Gov. Scott Walker and Buffalo editor Ian Murphy pretending to be David Koch.

Snip from approx 10 minute mark in second audio/vid:

["Koch"]: Ha ha ha ha. Well, I'll tell you what Scott. Once you've crushed these bastards I'll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.

[Walker]: Alright, that would be outstanding. Thanks, thanks for all the support and helping us move the cause forward.

...was founded by Matt Taibbi, Kevin McElwee and Paul Fallon in 2002. Wiki link



pansypoo said...

basement cat. i miss my basement cats.

pjk said...

Need replacements, pansy?

and quit picking on our beloved Governor, Farmer!

Wait- how long was Der Schwartzen in office before he took aim at teachers, nurses and state/county workers?

We need the evil Soros(man) to fund a recall election here. Shit, I'd vote for Ah-nuld or Jesse in order to get the My way or ze Autobahn despot outta here.

pansypoo said...

scum walker attacked unions before his coronation.

no replacements til i lose 1 current.

pjk said...

ok. Will Do. I'm motivated enough to send pics when the time draws nigh unto cat replacement.

Or- shit, pansy, just put in a pre-order! Male? Female? Swirliy patterns in a profile shot painting (like Van Gogh)? Light? Dark? Light fur but dark personality?


Free Delivery. A kitten to a kitty, and if I have my way, non-spoiled and non-traumatized. One that has a good immune system.

Nice with the Wackenhut replacement courthouse security, and the fed judgement re: give the county union guards their jobs again with back pay. est. $430 large, pending the appeal.

I'll use Walker terminology and say "he's not one of us". No Shit. We don't aspire to be St. Ronnie in the big made-for-tv rewrite.

I don't have the hair to go Republican anyway, and no desire to profit from the suffering of others.

I can't help it- I must have been BORN this way! Or one of those innoculations I got when JFK was in office (better him than LBJ).

One of Tommy's boys (Klauser) fired someone illegally back in the day, and it cost the state entry-level 7 figures. I believe he's the CEO of WE energy these days.

the farmer said...

We need the evil Soros(man) to fund a recall election here has a recall petition up. to recall nine wisc state senators. i think they need something like 15,500 sigs per each recall.


pansypoo said...

i want to foster a pregnant cat so i can get some from birth.