Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, Your There. Vote John Hall for Congress - NY District 19

Reelect John Hall - John Hall for

Benefit concert Oct 16, 2010:
Jackson Browne solo acoustic benefit for John Hall for Congress, The Bardavon Theatre, Poughkeepsie, NY

Tickets available via: ACTBlue

[EDIT/UPDATE] In the meanwhile (and instead if like you live in Wisconsin or something) you can listen to a story about Cat Food Sandwiches This music campaign video from John Hall and friends:



pansypoo said...

is the opponent a tebagger?

the farmer said...

aren't they all these days. though teabagger light. Nan Hayworth. I think mostly shes just an ignoramus as opposed to ideologically insane. One of the GOPs "Young Guns" (like the guy from Toledo who likes to dress up and parade around in a Waffen-SS uniform).


pansypoo said...

if they are republikkklan these days, they are brain damaged or soulless.

Jenn said...

oh the election news is so entertaining this year. I'm enjoying it so much. Witches, Nazi's, Gay haters, and local we have politicians hiding money (what a shocker) and all that sort of bickering. I'm so happy to be an American this close to November.

the farmer said...

Nita Lowey in NYs 18th district is running against some Republican nutter named Jim Russell who is affiliated with people like Jared Taylor and (contributed to) the venomous white supremacist publication Occidental Quarterly. Rachel Maddow mentioned him on her show tonight. The crazy is really sweating from the woodwork this election cycle.

And some of the Firebag Lake idiots think we should all stay home and sulk instead of voting. So much stoopid crazy everywhere ya look.


dr sardonicus said...

Is that the same Jared who eats the Subway sandwiches?

pansypoo said...

as long as it ain't jewelry store jared.

the farmer said...

Looks like Jared the subway eater backslid into the deep fried mayonnaise and cheese bricks.

Via the wiki: "In January 2010, People magazine reported that Fogle had gained weight but was planning to re-start his weight-loss program to stop the backslide and slim up for his wedding in the summer."

I don't think Jared Taylor and jewelry are the best match. If ya know what i mean.


pansypoo said...

oops. i guess that is why he hasn't been on commercials lately.
i am so bad. i had a big bowl of apple crisp(homemade) and frozen custard while watching biggest loser.
i'll exercise later.

pjk said...

So? He's a gleepy lookin' guy even when all slimmed down.

J-Rod probably still has a bigger balance on the asset sheet than all of us hereabouts- because he used to be fat.

That's like G-Dubya investing a couple hundred K in the Rangers before the LAST sale, and walking away with 10 Million. At least it's not like he got the State & Federal funding- but it ain't like we-all can get a quick R.O.I. "quite as easily".

If we could just work out a system that pays (Real!) Americans for being fat, lazy, stupid +/or willfully ignorant, you might see a little redistribution of wealth.

Just gotta hit the Trifecta! Heh.

pansy- keep an eye on Kopps for the annual Pecan Praline Pumpkin Pie. They have it around Halloween and/or Thanksgiving.

Probably best eaten solo, unless it works with shortcake (or on a Belgian waffle).

The paternal Grandmother used to make a mean apple crisp. I lust over their old house, at least as I remember it.

But back in those days I wasn't thinking about where to put a 5000 watt sound system with at least 18 feet between your seat and the subwoofers. Or how much replacing the giant single-pane LR window might set you back.

I miss those days, and that place.

pansypoo said...

ugh. i hates pumpkin pie.

yeah. growing old sucks.

our family has the best aple crisp. been having it daily. MAKING it daily.
1c sugar
1 c flour
1 tsp baking POWDER
1 egg.

makes 2 days w/ a 4x8 pan or for 1 big batch a 9x9 pan and a god layer of apple slices.

and good vanilla FROZEN CUSTARD.

dr sardonicus said...

GWB did indeed make a nice profit on the Rangers, with the help of his cowboy capitalist buddies. Although he did trade Sammy Sosa.

pansypoo said...

crapitalism at it's worst.

pjk said...

All crapitalism and Low pay makes pjk a dull boy.

I say let all the Cheneys Due tax cuts expire wjthout another whimper. I can afford the $6.50 per week.

Let the effluent go with the flow.

farmer;- said g'bye to the old pseudo John Deere. Gave it to a farmlike couple down the road (they have the orange Scotts version).

Keeping 4 vehicles and One (Real!) John Deere in servicable condition is about my limit. If I'm gonna throw money to the wind, I think my Lotto odds are the financially sound choice over Ye Olde MTD{-MT} +[J] equation.

And, pansy- that's why apple got the "As American as" prefix.

I agree to disagree over "Best Pie Ever" and Chippies vs. Squirrels, cats vs. dogs, Impressionism vs. Super-realism, Kessler vs. generic rubbing alcohol vs. Zippo lighter fluid (cage match!) etc.

pansypoo said...

we do need to kill the tax cut mind set. it never put money in my pocket.

the farmer said...

Lemon Meringue Pie and Abstract Expressionism. Winter squash beats watermelon. Summer nights beat Winter mornings. Still trying to make up my mind about chainsaws.

farmer;- said g'bye to the old pseudo John Deere. Gave it to a farmlike couple down the road (they have the orange Scotts version).

As long as you gave it to a good home. And close by. So you can go visit it when they let it out to graze on the lawn?


pjk said...

Hah! They might have a respectable-looking Durango (if that isn't an oxymoron, nothing is), but I don't think their peepot is any larger or nicer than ours.

When they came back for the mower deck, they hit up the Mo-in-Law for a taste of the gravel pile she could afford back in better times ("don't hurt ta ask!").

Talk about harsh economic reality; last week said MOL cashed in the 3 bags of crushed cans for something like $27. Today, the freakin' ancient Speed Queen Electric (wringer-top) washer went to the scrapyard. I've been after her to get the gawdamm thing out since before we moved in.

I noticed the rainwater leaking out the hose via the now opened valve, and took a closer look. Lots of either zinc or aluminum cast parts, and at this rate she may get a load of steel scrap out before the snow flies.

We'll save the disassembly for profit speech for a later date.

Maybe the "WTF, you're on low-rate SS, Medicare, and a part-time WallyWorld employee with too much debt between cards and equity lines of credit. Let's hire a lawyer and see how selling us the house works if you file Chapter 7" speech should come first.

THEN comes the cat quota speech. Consider it a deal-breaker.

Hmmm.... wonder what junk lawn tractors bring at the yard? A Mo-in-Law can dream, can't she?

If so, she's probably pissed.

But she'd feel downright LOADED! if her late fees & overdraft charges were in an account she had access to.