Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christine The Dabbler

The real question for Christine O'Donnell:
Have you ever "dabbled" with a gerbil?

Five additional/alternate questions for Christine O'Donnell:
1 - Are you the granddaughter of Captain Kangaroo?
2- Is it true that you once had a gallon of Rod Stewart's semen pumped from your stomach?
3- Have you ever stabbed someone to death at a speedway while listening to a recording of Satan's Holiday by Ritchie Blackmore and the Lancasters?
4- So, it's true that Andrew Breitbart and Ken Mehlman were "married" in a secret ceremony in Brazil in 2009?
5- Is it true that you once came back to life after choking to death on a ham sandwich?



pansypoo said...

perky evil is very bad.

Betty Cracker said...

I think Pansypoo is onto something here. Perky evil is e-ville.

the farmer said...

There is a whole horror genre to it that could be explored further.


pansypoo said...

wait. i meant stupid. evil perky and stupid.

the farmer said...

Evil Perky and Stupid walk into a bar... [...]


Anonymous said...

fondling herself.

pjk said...

Like Olberman said, "Stupid is the new Smart".

Wonkette's post about the wave of qualified vagina-havers was pretty damn funny as well.

We've all seen this movie before.