Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lord Pink Slippers and Ricky the Digger

(New Hampshire Debate Outtakes)

Here (for whatever it's worth) are a couple of snips from the ABC GOP debate in New Hampshire that I meant to mention but didn't get around to until now.

First, Lord Pink Slippers:

ROMNEY: As you can tell, the people in this room feel that Speaker Gingrich is absolutely right and I do too. And -- and I was in a state where the Supreme Court stepped in and said, marriage is a relationship required under the Constitution for -- for people of the same sex to be able to marry. And John Adams, who wrote the Constitution, would be surprised.

First of all, not only were you in the state, you were the goddamned Governor of the state at the time (2006) you wispy twit. [Also: The Catholic Church closed it's adoption services - "because it won’t accept gay couples" - in Massachusetts in 2006; during the Bush administration.]

Next: Who gives a fuck what John Adams would be surprised about? John Adams died 185 years ago.

John Adams would be surprised by a lot of things. He'd be surprised by airplanes and cellophane and electric alarm clocks. And ride-on lawn mowers and the New England Patriots and vacum packed cheese. Try to explain to John Adams what a web cookie is and how to remove it from a browser cache. I bet that would surprise him too. And you know what else would really surprise John Adams? That a big smug mumbo-jumbo talking Mormon had managed to become the governor of Massachusettes! I bet that would really put the Alien and Sedition Act shit suprise in him. He was, afterall, a Congregationalist.

So can we please shut the fuck up with all the grandiloquent pronouncements on what it is, or what it is not, that the founding fathers would think, or approve of, or be surprised by. Not just because it doesn't really matter all that much to people living today but also because many of the people who make these kinds of observations are, like Mitt Romney, supercilious boobs who have no idea what someone living 200 miles away thinks, cares about, or would be surprised by, let alone informing us on the opinions of people who stopped being surprised by anything at all nearly 200 years ago.

And then there's this little bit of dress up from Ricky "the digger" Santorum

SANTORUM: [...] And I -- and I stood firm on those and worked, actually, in the coal fields, if you will, against this idea that we needed a cap and trade program.

Oh yeah. Ricky worked, if you will, in the coal fields. Above is a photo of - if you will - the coal mine Ricky worked in. It's called the Consol Enegry Incorporated (coal and natural gas) headquarters "mine" in Southpointe PA. I'll bet riding the scary lobbyist elevator to the top floor boardroom of the Consol Energy Inc. "mine" was pretty dangerous tiring work even for a hard scrabble coal field worker, if you will, like Rick Santorum. Sure it was.

Newt Gingrich may be the Kenny Powers of big league government foreign and domestic policy but at least he's put some genuine effort into his preposterous act over the years. These other two, Romney and Santorum, are just shameless get-rich-quick "success story" frauds and posers. Not that I'm surprised.



pansypoo said...

some grandkids forget where they came from and take pleasure is not being better humans.

the farmer said...

I don't think Mitt Romney has too many grand thoughts unless they are preceeded by a $ sign - like 100 grand, 200 grand, 300 grand, etc.


pjk said...

What a hellhole. The kind of place lowlife working class scum like George Jetson would be hesitant to enter based on workplace hazards.

And Mitt don't seem to think an extra $375 Grand for speaking fees merits attention.

They're all in line to be the next James Bond villian- as long as Cubby had a son named Cheesy Brocolli to follow in his footsteps.