Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Rerun

Since there ain't no winter to speak of so far this year here's a pic from last winter. (click for full size)

For any of you AM talk radio listeners: I've added an on air link to progressive talk radio station 92.1 AM The MIC in Madison, Wisconsin so you can listen online to the Stephanie Miller Show, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann and other scheduled programs.

This is the best most reliable streaming radio station feed I've found for liberal AM talk radio shows and it works great if you live in an area where the AM radio stations and reception are awful (like I do) or any weak signal you can find completely disappears when the sun goes down.

So click HERE or the Radio tab on the menu bar at the top of this page for more info (including program schedules) and the on air "listen live" link. I also added a Video/Audio player app (it's like a You Tube thing) for Ring of Fire with Papantonio, Kennedy and Seder. In the event you'd like to mess around with any of that.



pansypoo said...

reminds me i have to take a pic of my snow toes, the only snow i see.

pansypoo said...

HEY, we are being threatened w/ snow tomorrow!

the farmer said...

Here too, although is raining now. Raining pretty steady. In a normal year this would be one of those 6-12 inch snowfalls. They say winter is on the way as it wraps around behind this storm, although i don't think its going to happen here. I guess you are supposed to get some snow from that wrap around and places like Chicago and along the lakes could get heavy snow. I looked at the NOAA long range LaNina/El Nino forecast crap and they're still predicting a warmer than usual winter into March but the shaman at places like Accuweather are saying its going to get colder quickly (after this week) and a real winter might be in store for later this month and Feb. Especially for your area. They were even suggesting a storm like the Chicago blizzard of 1979 for sometime in Feb for that neck of the woods. Wait and see i guess.


pansypoo said...

we got about 4 in. at least it's snow.