Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peremptory Decrees of the Babbling Hand

– Jet: Not just any private plane will suffice: “The private aircraft MUST BE a Lear 60 or larger (as defined by interior cabin space) for West Coast Events; or, a Hawker 800 or Larger,” for East Coast events. But even if organizers arrange for a private jet, if Palin “changes her mind and opts to fly via commercial flights for US events, the Customer must be prepared to cover the cost of first class round trip airfare for two, and full, unrestricted round trip coach for two.”

– Visiting with heads of state: For international appearances, Palin “reserves the right to visit privately with the host government’s Head of State,” as well as “accept the invitation of [the] host government to overnight at an official residence.”

– Hotels: All hotels have to be “deluxe” and pre-approved by her representatives, with the room booked under an “alias.” Even non-overnight stays require hotel rooms, including a “holding suite” and “one or two single rooms.”

Just like regular hockey mom folks trying to scratch a livin' off the land. You betcha'.

Full list of demands via Think Progress


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck's Snoozapaloozzzzza

The Great White Woodchuck Rally in Washington D.C. has concluded.

Fervidly publicized as some kind of mooncake and codswallop picnic for hundred-percenter Teabag Jesus American patrioteers the Great Beck And Call 2010 will spill away into the late summer gloam more Brut Prestige mimosa than OC gas miasma. More of a buck's fizzler than a Beck sizzler. I feel cheated. What happened to The Plan? What the hell is the plan? Where's the miracle? What about the fucking miracle! And where was Ted Nugent! What happened to Ted Nugent?

Was Mamma Grizzly afraid the Noodge would bait her into the bear garden and chain her to a locust post for future field dressing or leap out of a Landrover Defender safari vehicle dressed in a white leopard spandex catsuit weilding an early classic model 70 Winchester .375 H&H magnum bolt-action rifle and begin screaming "suck on my machine gun you scrotumless pimps and whores and geriatric welfare brats" while The Great Woodchuck himself sobs into a microphone and the entire Wingnut Be-In degenerates into some kind of neo-Altamont Speedway wang dang balagan.

I guess the Noodge got the screwdge from the FOXNoise event planning czar this time around. Honor denied. Heh, indeedy.

Nevertheless, the whole sleepy monotonous drone-fest managed to ramble on as planned and succeeded in attracting somewhere around 80-90 thousand spoon-fed votaries of one kind of conservative taxonomic category or another to the National Mall and thats something in and of itself I suppose. Although, as they say (whoever they are): "one swallow does not make a summer".

In any case, I'm sure Glenn Beck will be sobbing for joy all the way to the offshore bank. And Princess Wee-Wee of Wasilla will be crying whee!-whee!-whee! all the way home.


Restoring Honor

A-Courtin' and A-Sparkin' they did ride:

Sen. Vitter went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh. Sen. Vitter went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh. Sen. Vitter went a courtin' he did ride, D.C. Madam by his side...
Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), the family values conservative who became embroiled in a prostitution scandal in 2007, has just won his Republican primary tonight, easily fending off a late challenge from former state Supreme Court Justice Chet Traylor.

With 23% of precincts reporting, Vitter leads Traylor by a margin of 88%-8%, and has been projected as the winner by the Associated Press. - TPM/DC

uh huh.

Rep Souder went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh
Rep Souder went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh
Rep Souder went a courtin' he did ride
Sword of the lord and a bible by his side
Rep Souder went a courtin' he did ride uh-huh.

Well he texted Miss Tracy on his BlackBerry
Says meet me at the boat launch at half past three
We'll talk about Jesus and the fam-i-ly
Abstinence only and the GOP, uh-huh.

Miss Tracy went a courtin' she did ride oh-yeah
Miss Tracy went a courtin' she did ride oh-yeah
Miss Tracy went a courtin' she did ride
Forbidden apple and BlackBerry by her side
Miss Tracy went a courtin' she did ride oh-yeah.

Rep Souder went a courtin' with Miss Tracy
Bounced Miss Tracy on his bouncin' knee
Said you're my my flower I'm your bumblebee
If anything goes wrong justa blame it all on Warshington, DC... uh-huh.

Next to come in is the SC Gov.
With his sleepin' bag and his wander love
To my sweet naranja I'm-a-dreamin' of
I'll be the Phoenix to your Turtle Dove, uh-huh.

Gov. Sanford went a sparkin' he did ride uh-huh
Gov. Sanford went a sparkin' he did ride uh-huh
Gov. Sanford went a sparkin' he did slide
Aboard a jetplane bound for the cheatin' side
What of his whereabouts he just lied, uh-huh.

Sneakin' down an Argentine sparkin' trail
Tellin' a tall Appalachian hikin' tale
Spreading billets-doux by intertoob mail
Busted in Miami - adultero hookup fail - uh-oh!

Next to come in is Senator John Ensign
C-Street playboy valentine
Thumping the Foursquare Gospel anodyne
While puttin' the whoopee in the 'family values' whoopee shine, hey-ho.

Senator Ensign he did ride
Between the legs of his best friends bride
Try as he did he could not hide
A ninety-six thousand dollar payoff bribe, hoo-boy.

There's bread and honey on the shelf uh-huh
There's bread and honey on the shelf uh-huh
There's bread and honey on the shelf
If you want more verse just make it up yourself, uh-huh.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

SBL happy photo

- Zinnia
- Marigold
- Stella de Oro Daylily
- Purple Sage
- Oregano
- Peony
(things the deer don't eat)

I love summer.

click for bigger pic


Friday, August 27, 2010

shoo-bee doobee doo...

Music vid: Fly Me To The Moon

Frank Sinatra, with The Count Basie Orchestra (1956)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

SBL Nature Trail

Monarch butterfly on a butterfly bush.

(click photo for closer look)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

SBL nature cruise


Sunday, August 8, 2010

SBL nature trail


This is my frog-friend Grenouille. During the high summer Grenouille loves to play fetch-stick on the solar cover. During the winter Grenouille retires to the hibernaculum chamber.

Sometimes I wish I could retire to the hibernaculum chamber too. But I can't, because in winter, I must feed the fires of Athanor. But not in the summer. In the summer me and Grenouille play fetch-stick on the solar cover and don't even hardly ever think of the hibernaculum chamber or the fires of Athanor. Long live the solar cover!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ayn Rand: illegal immigrant

Alisa Rosenbaum (aka: Ayn Rand) was born in Russia in 1905. Rand graduated from the University of Petrograd in October 1924 and in the fall of 1925 was "granted a visa to visit American relatives":

In the fall of 1925, she was granted a visa to visit American relatives. She left Russia on January 17, 1926, and arrived in the United States on February 19, entering by ship through New York City. ~ Wiki

After arriving in New York and weeping "tears of splendor" at the sight of all the big shiny buildings in Manhattan (see Wiki link) she rode out to Coney Island where she had her picture taken eating hot dogs with Eddie Cantor and Nelson Rockefeller (not really). She made her way to Chicago where she spent her time watching movies in a theater owned by a relative (see Wiki link). While visiting Chicago she plotted her next move:
After a brief stay with her relatives in Chicago, she resolved never to return to the Soviet Union, and set out for Hollywood to become a screenwriter. (see Wiki link)

The LORD had said to Abram, "Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." - Genesis 12:1

Alisa Rosenbaum (aka: Ayn Rand) - over-staying her visa - having vowed never to return to her country of origin - was now an illegal (criminal) commie atheist Rooskie fugitive immigrant loose in the God blessed real American breadbasket and headed for the promised heartland of southern California to pursue her shadowy alien dream of taking jobs away from real American screenwriters. Once in Jew controlled Hollywood she would sneak around taking day labor jobs from real Americans (and real-American illegal immigrants too) just to meet her sneaky Kerenskyite objectives.

Eventually she landed a job as an extra in the Cecille B. DeMille silent film King of Kings and it was at this time that she latched onto the actor Frank O'Connor (not the Irish author and anti-Treaty IRA "irregular"). Frank and Ayn got along swell and the next thing you know...:
The two were married on April 15, 1929. Rand became an American citizen in 1931.

1931 For approximately five years, Ayn Rand - illegal fugitive immigrant from Soviet Stalinist Russia - would evade capture and extradition and eventually marry an American citizen while she was still a fugitive from immigration justice. Finally, in 1931, she would be granted amnesty and US citizenship and Alisa Rosenbaum's evasion of the laws of the United States of America would come to an end.

And not a year too soon, because, on June 14, 1932 a little Sheriff Joe Arpaio would be born in Springfield, MA.

Now some - that chattering wally-muggins from Lake Lucille for instance, or self-certified unbridled quack tonic Rand Paul, or the goober senator from Arizona John Kyl, or that dull witted clod J.D. Hayworth, or clunker McCain, or the walking panic disorder Tom Tancredo, among too many others - might suggest we revoke Ayn Rand's citizenship and exhume her remains from Kensico Cemetery in Westchester county and ship her back to St. Petersburg in a White Nights Espresso Dazbog coffee travel mug. But not me. No siree.

I think we should erect a gigantic Ayn Rand memorial welcome fountain somewhere along the border in Arizona with a stone plaque tablet that reads:

'"Leave your country, your people and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." - I got away with it, so can you. And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (who was born in Hollywood, California) can kiss my border hopping ass!"


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Popular Fronts

Read this here (American Prospect)
Forget Populism
"The people" are no more virtuous or incorruptible than elites, and pandering to them won't advance liberal political goals.