Thursday, October 3, 2013

SBL TrailCam




pansypoo said...

looks grey to me.

pjk said...

If viewed through the right lens, it could also be red, silver, or sepia.

Sambuca? That'd be another reason not to have it around during Sopranos watching (like pasta).

We might have fucked up the oceans with oil and garbage islands, but the evil instrument of the gov't that is the EPA seems to have made things better for land-based birds & animals.

When they were going in to work, anyway.

pansypoo said...

watching PBS last night. even the corpse of engineers has developed a clue.

pjk said...

Where y'all at? Enjoying the cold/ getting ready for heating season?

Power steering lines replaced on the wife's car, apparently a success. This weekend is drop the trans pan on the Mo-in-Law Ranger and hope I don't find anything parts-related laying in it.

Not real hopeful a fluid & filter change solves all its maladies; that'd be too cheap & too simple.

At least I don't have a bruised spinal cord like Jermichael. My thought on that one is the length of suspension for the hitter should be equal to the time the hittee spends off the field.

Better get about sweeping the leaves from the driveway before they need to be shoveled.

I might not be filled with good thoughts, but I'm paving my way with good intentions.

Hope you are well and haven't sufferred any Jon Voight-style bow hunting mishaps (but I'd wish Deliverance on him).

'Tis the season.

pansypoo said...

frost hit big last night. the sunflowers are hanging on. i covered the parsly & basil. went on a harvest binge. plucked doable green tomatoes snagged all the catnip that looked good. will wait on the marigolds.low flowers hanging on.

the farmer said...

Still thrashing around. Yes, getting ready for heating season. Last night was the first night for the stove this season. Still haven't had a freeze or heavy frost but sometime this week should probably do it. Still have flowers hanging on here too and i managed to bring in some basil and parsley to overwinter. Picked a lot of apples for applesauce this year. Still have a lot of wood to split. Spent most of the last couple weeks in the woods with the chainsaw listening to the usual wingnut radio squawks bellowing on and on about the Cruzifiction and resurrection and coming judgement of The Great White Tantrum, etc.

Sambuca, but not in the coffee the way Big Puzzy liked to drink it.