Sunday, March 3, 2013

"It is a brilliant story - fake and fraud that it is"

Bob's Story

Anyone remember Janet Cooke? She was the WaPo reporter who, in 1980, wrote a feature story about a little eight year old named Jimmy who was a heroin addict living in the DC area. It turned out that her story was a fabrication based upon rumor and hearsay. But not before Cooke was nominated and awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her effort. She later returned the prize, after the fabrication was revealed, but it was Bob Woodward, then the assistant managing editor at the Washington Post, who nominated Cooke for the Pulitzer.
I think that the decision to nominate the story for a Pulitzer is of minimal consequence. I also think that it won is of little consequence. It is a brilliant story—fake and fraud that it is. It would be absurd for me or any other editor to review the authenticity or accuracy of stories that are nominated for prizes. ~ [Bob Woodward; 1981]

Glug. Apparently, Cooke was eventually paid over a million dollars for the screen rights to her story. Not bad. But for, considering now-a-days, she could have turned her talent for making stuff up into a multimillion dollar on-air broadcast misinfotainment career with Fox News or perhaps Clear Channel Radio. Some people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time I guess.

Her story was never made into a movie however. And I wonder if the studio ever recieved any threats... I mean friendly advice!... very friendly advice... from Bob Woodward demanding... I mean suggesting!... just suggesting... that the fucking studio better fucking not... I mean kindly refrain from... kindly refrain from proceeding with the project... or hells... I mean or els... orioles!... Baltimore orioles!, yes, Baltimore orioles... right outside the window! Ok, gotta go, bye! (click)

Hoo-boy, I bet those shrimp cocktail and Tom Collins garden party mixers in Georgetown are a blast. And while we're on the subject of brilliant frauds...

Andrew Breitbart is Still Dead

Andrew Breitbart (Feb, 1, 1969 - March 1, 2012) always reminded me of Republican congressloon Bob Dornan of California. Like Dornan, Breitbart struck me as having more than one too many loose lug nuts rattling around in his hubcap at any given time.

Like one of those people who you don't want to let into your house until you've locked up all the steak knives and scissors and hidden the charcoal lighter fluid. Breitbart regularly appeared as if he were on the downside of a sweaty three day codeine jag or fleeing from a Chelsea row house after being flogged with a cattail whip by Jennifer Jean Lopez. Or looked like one of those guys ya see in sports bars screaming at the television after they realize that they've lost their wedding ring and family burial plots betting on a BCS title game.

"Goddamnit, that sadistic spinster Lopez told me Notre Dame was a sure thing! She told me she had an inside tip from the patron saint of college football St Ronald Reagan himself!! I'll have that panty sniffing dork James O'Keefe drag her off to his pimp-barn and videotape her pole dancing in her underpants beneath a banner that reads "Friends of Hamas Cayman Islands Victory Cruise'"!!!! That's the last email you'll get from me Lopez... MAY GOD STRIKE ME DEAD FIRS..... (!ack!).

Alas. The memorial statue pictured above - erected in honor of Andrew - now stands in the Great Hall of Right Wing Loons in the heart of Mulligan's Valley. Not far from the Midas Muffler shop and Galt's All Night Ambient Static Electric Laundromat.

Sleep tight, you stupid obnoxious asshole.

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