Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rand Paul: the Pauly Shore of the Senate Chamber Bio-Dome

If Rand Paul were president[*] (according to Rand Paul):
“Had I been president at the time,... I would have relieved you of your post,” said [Rand] Paul [to Sec of State Hillary Clinton] during the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing....

Uh huh. Shoor ya would have. And that is exactly what the terrists would want a tea smoking koo-koo boy-prez baby Doc Paul to do. Maybe Prez Paul would have relieved his Sec of State (as if Hillary Clinton would ever have agreed to be Rand Paul's Sec of State in the first palce) in Arabic, Berber and Kentucky Dumbass. Broadcasting the dismisal over crackly loudspeakers to the swarthy peoples of Libya. Because if there is one thing a terrist attack planner FEARS the most it's infighting and finger pointing and trigger-happy publicity stunt chaos among it's target leadership. Uh huh. Shoor it is.

Christ, what functional cretin. Obviously the GOP clown car is being tuned and repainted for 2016 and Rand "Pauly Sure" Paul has reserved himself some door panel advertising space and a window seat. Better hurry though, Randy, I hear Ricky "Gaspipe" Santorum has already reserved the clown car hood space for the yoke and arrows of the Catholic Neo-Falange.

[*]Fortunately, outside of another Pauly Shore movie - and even that is probably unlikely - Rand Paul will never be president of anything. Well. ok, maybe someday he'll be mayor of one of Glenn Beck's weird doomsday cult comic book communities, but that's about as close as he'll get.


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pansypoo said...

you nailed it.

why does kentucky hate america?