Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Governor Binderminder

Republicans Try To Seize Control Of The Word ‘Binder’ Following Debate (Talking Points Memo)

Despite the immediate and mostly mocking internet reaction to Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” remark during the debate at Hofstra Tuesday night, Republicans appear determined to turn “binders” into a metaphorical theme of the campaign.

The Republican National Committee hosted a conference call Wednesday amidst reports that “binders full of women” was the third most popular Google search term after the debate and tried to claim the binder-based attack as its own.

Little binders full of women,
Little binders made of polythene,
Little binders full of women,
Little binders all the same.

The Minderbinder character is a “bittersweet parody“ of the American dream, both a “prophet of profit“ and the “embodiment of evil“.



pansypoo said...

lets get to the story that he ignored the said binders of women.

pjk said...

I did like his erstwhile opponent being called upon to remember what it was like to both lose to Mitt, and then be governed by his (C. Montgomery Burns) "Excellent!"-cy.

Best debate moments for me were the 1-point-plan (aka the 1% Point of Light Romney donor theory) and of course the "please, Governor, proceed".

Hehndeedy. That was like someone a'gonna bust their way inta the Oh-Vull office, no ifs, ands, 'er Butts, ahh tell ya!

And the O was almost like Bugs Bunny to Romney's Plutocracy Sam, but knowing what was coming and giving "the distiguished Gentleman from Offshore InvestmentLand" the chance to open the door with a shotgun wired to it? Priceless.

What a Maroon!

Nice pic below. All that trail needs on it is something with a motor roaring down it.

Must be an open air experience. Because life's too short to take in some things at walking speed.

the farmer said...

Nice pic below

Civilian Conservation Corps truck trail built back in the 30s.