Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daffy Harry's desultory babbling

Clint Eastwood sounded like a daffy old fool speaking at the Republican Convention.

Reminded me of Grandpa Simpson delivering one of his stylemark rambling stories:
What are you cackling at, fatty? Too much pie, that's your problem! Now, I'd like to digress from my prepared remarks to discuss how I invented the terlet... Three wars back we called Sauerkraut "liberty cabbage" and we called liberty cabbage "super slaw" and back then a suitcase was known as a "Swedish lunchbox." Of course, nobody knew that but me. Anyway, long story short...Then after World War Two, it got kinda quiet, 'til Superman challenged FDR to a race around the world. FDR beat him by a furlong, or so the comic books would have you believe. The truth lies somewhere in between.

oh kay.



pjk said...

Be sure not to fergit.....



"cover me with mint jelly, 'cause I'm on the Lam!"

My personal favorite has to be the female carnie inquiring about his desire to "dunk the clown".

But that wasn't him talking; he was all "she would do things your Grandmaw would never do, like have sex for money!".

Clint Eastwood can never piss me off as bad as someone like Jon Voight.

Now all we need is for Eli Wallach to show up at the DNC and say "Hey Blondie, You Know What You Are?!!"

Ay-ey Ay-ey Yaaah (Wa wah Waaahhh!)

the farmer said...

maybe it was all a PR stunt for his new movie. i noticed the ads for it are running this morning.


the farmer said...

Also too, i don't think Clint Eastwood is becoming senile. I just think he's a low information voter. Albeit, a low information celebrity voter. Eastwood has always been something of a political ignoramous and i don't think he sounded any different than any number of other low information political ignoramees (ignoromneys) between the ages of 25 and 45. So unless they're all senile as well...

He should go back to making spaghetti westerns in Spain.


pansypoo said...

it's a tax thing ALWAYS.

all i know is, i understand he made a slashing movement at his neck. i if ANY CRAZY HAPPENS. will give old clint the blame. cause stars ARE DIFFERENT.

pjk said...

Rile up the base that's already going to vote for you/more likely against the evil Dems, speech.

A thinking person might say, what a wonderful explanation of how the average American of that age should be covered should dementia take hold.

R- voters see the same performance, but think what a wonderful example of an unqualified success telling you to be a success, or go die.

Sounds good on paper, but the core of the base don't do much when it comes to living up to the high moral standards by which we-all should not just live, but be governed by.

Smaller Government? If they ain't doin' the job, then ya gotta let 'em go?

Then every person who ran on a jobs platform but immediately went all anti-abortion, anti-union, anti-equal pay, "right-to-work", voter suppression, make the secret Muslim a one-term President and repeal everything he did on day one (but we extended our hand in friendship and really tried to compromise!) REPUBLICAN TEA PARTY ASS CLOWNS should be removed from office.

Let the election happen. Let them bitch. And should the corporate candidate win, their party already enacted "enhanced" Patriot Act provisions which might just let the current administration incarcerate them all, without charges, indefinitely, for sedition.

Y'all wanna git more, or end up in Gitmo?

Re: Clint-

a man's got to know his limitations.

Or would that be limit his Mitt imitations?

Fuck 'Em. They're goin' down faster than a John McCain aeroplane come November.

Aw, Hell! Why wait? Declare a state of national emergency, nationalize the power companies, and celebrate the start of bow season by making Ted Nugent's prophecy come true, Spartacus-style.

pansypoo said...

can we PLEASE have FEMA camps in 2013?