Friday, January 13, 2012

Dog On A Hot Car Roof

(click image for full size pic)

Mitt Romney trips a Google Bomb.

ABL: To Defecate in Terror: Mitt Romney Gets Google Bombed

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pansypoo said...

couldn't happen to a 'better' master of the universe.

pansypoo said...

i thought maybe the dog was on the roof for 1-2 hours, TWELVE HOUR DRIVE??? PETA needs to be on his ass FOREVER!

pjk said...

Old Gnus. Like the Ging Grinch's wife and her sad tales of woe.

Mitt's largest (eldest?) son scares me; have you seen this FrankenMitt towering over a campaign event lately, or has he been locked down into his 8 ft. closet again?

A guy that can laugh all the way to the bank (albeit in an exremely wooden fashion) over making milions on a company that ends up costing us $44 Mil on penion insurance ain't too concerned over a little Dawg Doo on the roof rack of the Family Truckster.

Mr. P. Niss with whitewalls and a fake laugh. That's all he's got.

pjk said...

That should be PENSION insurance!

pansypoo said...

of course the sociopath doesn't care. WE should care. CAUSE WE ARE GONNA BE ON THE ROOF OF HIS CAR NEXT!

the farmer said...

i seen the FrankenMitt too. I think it was in new hampshire. haven't seen it since. maybe its being recharged. or chained to the steel gate and drawbridge that guards the entrance to squish manor and the big pile of money inside the great hall of passive income.