Friday, December 30, 2011

Newtian Man and The Great Gazoo

Whenever I see a photo of Newt and Callista Gingrich they always remind me of Barney Rubble and The Great Gazoo.

You remember Barney Rubble of Flintstones fame. Of course you do.

Well, the Newt we see today looks (to me) like an age enhanced Barney Rubble.

Compare Early Opportunity Society (happy hunting grounds - early Reaganomic - tabula rasa / unformed mind) Newtian Rubble Dum-Dum Man to the (post Betty) Later Neoconservolithic Historiographian Age of Personal Adornment Tiffany Man Newt we see today.

Queen of the Bungaloo

At some point between Newtian Dum-Dum Man and Tiffany Man an amatory link to The Great Gazoo is established.

Remember Gazoo? The little space alien from another planetary time dimension that befriended Barney and Fred Flintstone and claimed to have invented a futuristic doomsday weapon. Of course you do.

Gazoo's name actually derives from the 1909 hit song, "King of the Bungaloos," by Charles Straight and Gene Greene. In it the narrator explains, "I just received a cable 'spatch from my ancestral home. It tells me I'm the great Gazoo, successor to the throne." - See Wiki

Well, whenever I see a picture of Callista I think of The Great Gazoo. And so should you.

And whenever I think of the possibility of Newt Gingrich becoming president of the United States I think of the Great Gazoo's doomsday weapon. And you should too.

Year after year, during the long winter months, I lay awake at night thinking about important anthropological stuff like this. That's right, I got nothing better to do.



pjk said...

Even if you saw that 'do on a styrofoam head in a salon, it wouldn't have that SCHNOUT on it.

Is Calista gender-equivalent for Caligula?

Tell me they ain't somethin' WRONG with that bee-yatch, if she thinks it's cool to hang with the Newt.

(and my vote is still for Mars Attacks!) but I do see the resemblance in headgear re;Gazoo.

the farmer said...

Is Calista gender-equivalent for Caligula?

Shes the hunstress. The purring sex kitten. Don't you read Newty's books?!


pansypoo said...

she is a sucubus(thank you south park).

i never liked the flinstones. or scoody do. or gilligan's island(except the professor). i think w/cable i'd just have more to hate.