Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trump Guest Hosts GOP Variety Show

[ Herman Cain with "campaign advisers" Becky Beckistan and Princess Nancy. ]

Dec 27, 2011

Herman Cain responds to questions from discusses "Plan B" with moderator Donald Trump during a taping of the GOP presidential candidate debate in Iowa on Tuesday. The debate, which was taped at the Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino, just outside of Des Moines, is part of an ongoing "reality" comedy-horror series produced by the GOP/Republican National Committee called I Want To Be The President, Or Something.

The series is scheduled to run into the spring of next year and currently stars a cast of wacky Republican Party knuckleheads competing for the 2012 presidential nomination who find themselves in a variety of often ridiculous, frequently embarrassing, yet always hilarious situations and predicaments. The show is popular with a wide range of audiences and is reportedly a favorite with actual president of the United States, Barack Obama.



UPDATE Herman Cain has announced plans to suspend further direct involvement with the hit reality program So You Want To Be The President, Or Something. The popular cast member has decided to step away from his role on the series to devote more time to his one man lounge act adaptation of the 1961 musical hit Stop The World I Want To Get Off!. The two hour long one man show, renamed Stop The Campaign I Want To Get Off!, will be premiering on Thursday evening December 29th in the 70 seat Prairie Rose Room overlooking the Prairie Meadows racetrack in Altoona.

Mr. Cain will perform several song adaptations of the original musical including but not limited to:

1. "I Want To Be President" - an adaptation of "I Want To Be Rich".
2. "Mumbo Jumbo Pizza Pie" - an adaptation of "Mumbo Jumbo"
3. "Becki, Beckistan" - an adaptation of "Meilinki, Meilchick"
4. "9! 9! 9!" - an adaptation of "Nag! Nag! Nag!"
5. "What Kind of Fool Am I"
6. "Stop The Campaign I Want To Get Off!"

Tickets to the show will be available in the casino for $9.99 apiece (price does not include Early Bird Prime Rib buffet or cost of beverages). Doors open at 9pm.



pjk said...

Too bad someone already used Ideocracy as a title. But the concept is alive and well.

pansypoo said...

the OP implosion is only reasonable since they fucked up so bad w/ georgee. plus the rise of fux gnews/limbaugh crack pot infusion into the reaganut religion.

pjk said...

"I want to get off, but now the wife's on to me!"