Monday, October 10, 2011

more goats

Photos by PJK.



pansypoo said...

i saw a goat farm on the way back from a family get together at the pine cone on 1-94. hey, those ain't cows.

the farmer said...

i saw a goat farm on the way back from a family get together at the pine cone...

Probably a lot more around too. There are a lot around me. Big market for goat milk and cheese and meat in NYC. Farms that used to milk cows simply gave up because being a small cow milk dairy anymore is hopeless. The distributors and middlemen take all the money. Big Ag destroyed the family dairy farm back during the Reagan administration's orchestrated destruction of the family farms. When they teamed up with the banksters to drown family farms in easy loans for new equiptment and "modernization" and over production then kick the price support floor out from under them so they couldn't even cover the cost of production and eventually would default on those loans. Eventually the Big Ag companies would buy up their farms at foreclosre auction from the banks or fold them into corporate farm networks. But the stupid farmers wouldn't listen when everyone told them they were being played for fools. That was what Farm Aid concerts were about back then... trying to help rescue all those independent family farms that had been scammed by the banksters and the policies of the Reagan admin. Something close to a million family farms went down because of that. But all the yuppies and suburbanites got to gulp down cheap milk for a while.

The rotting carcasses of all that "creative destruction" are still laying around all over the place. But goat farms have become a way back for some - a niche market.


pansypoo said...

we makes goat cheese. i guess a newbie got a medal for a special goat cheese. we might not have as much cows, but we make more cheese.