Sunday, September 19, 2010

Agent Peter Daou:

Special Wingnut Victims Unit

Patrolling the mean streets of the Progressive Mother Blogopolis web-jungle in pursuit of villainous mockery, scorn, derision, and taunting raillery.

Arresting the peddlers of Low Comedy, Pointless Humor and Mirthless Dick-Pulling right in front of their own wretched jeering blackguard altars whenever and wherever they dare to practice their infamous black comedy arts!

Laugh if you like (laugh if you dare). But all you rakehell creative class hyenas beware! Agent Peter Daou, Special Wingnut Victims Unit, will be on your case like a puma on a blind three legged ungulate. You betcha' my sweet Aunt Fannie's baked squash on it. Also too: roar.