Friday, February 24, 2012

Paul-Romney Besties Cult Blooms Among The Thorns

Spring is the season for love and it looks like Spring may have sprung early on the GOP campaign bunny trail.

At least according to fruitful wingnut radio putto Rush Limbaugh:

Thursday, 23 Feb 2012
Rush Limbaugh predicted a “meeting of the minds” between Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Ron Paul back in January but kept it to himself. Now that there is considerable speculation it might be a reality, he says he regrets his silence. []

Love Sprouts Eternal

A vision of beauty, a man of the Right,
He enchanted his eyes, his beautiful She-Wolf
Shy in heart, still alone in the lands
Wishing he was in his hands,
He whispered delightfully, 'Love springs eternal...'
A visage of liberty, a master of the shark,
He fascinated his eyes, his furry Lord-Wolf
Sad in spirit, still alone in the lands
Wishing the media made less demands,
He growled fiercely, 'Love springs eternal...'
A challengers love, minds meet and hold,
He enchanted him, he fascinated him,
Shyness and sadness, no longer alone in the campaign-lands.
Bound together with shared demands,
Felt by both, 'Love springs eternal.' A right-to-life of bliss, policies entwined,
Ambition that is pure in spirit and PAC contributions.
Runningmates forever, happiness found in the crevasses.
Touched by straight tender hands,
Love springs eternal.

(apologies to Anthony Halat)



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the farmer said...

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