Thursday, February 23, 2012

Strategery: Mapmaker Mitt charts a new route to the sea

Syria is Iran's "route to the sea". According to Mitt Romney:
FORMER GOV. MITT ROMNEY, R-MASS., PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I agree with both these gentlemen. It's very interesting that you're seeing, on the Republican platform, a very strong commitment to say we're going to say no to Iran. It's unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon.

And -- and Rick is absolutely right. Syria is their key ally. It's their only ally in the Arab world. It is also their route to the sea. Syria provides a -- a shadow over Lebanon. Syria is providing the armament of Hezbollah in Lebanon that, of course, threatens Israel, our friend and ally. [Debate transcript via the Weekly Standard]

Apparently the road to the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea is closed. Or maybe Mitt thinks Persian Gulf is something Muslims like to do on weekends. (there's a PGA joke laying around here somewhere)



pjk said...

But he meant it in the Classic sense; a gulf isn't one of the 7 seas. It's a fjord with a scraggly beard shipping a commodity through it in large quantities that certain people might be able to make a coupla bucks on.

Best to be in Cabo while you're bombing that other gulf.

jp said...

that whole "route to the sea" thing is just so dang biblical, makes me want to look for my chariot.

pansypoo said...

not like publikkklans know how to read a map. it SOUNDS good.