Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rick Perry, Mayor of Monte Moronica, whistles for the dogs

[ "I'm not afraid to admit I'm a moron, but you don't need to be camping at the bottom of booby-hatch gulch to know that there's something wrong in this country when a fancy talkin' black guy can serve openly in the White House, but kids can't openly beat up homos or prostelytize in our schools. As President, I'll end Obama's war on re-lidgen and stoo-pidity and bigot trees, and I'll fight against liberal attacks on our Christian fundamentalist heritage. Narrow minded dolts made America strong. An idiot like me can make her stong again. Hell, I'm so gaw-dang stoopit I couldn't pour water out of a boot if I was readin' the instructions on how to do it off of the heel! But I'm Rick Perry, and I approved this massage!... USA! USA!..."

[ psst: it's message ]

"...oh yeah, message. I approve this message. Oops." ]

or something like that


1 comment:

pansypoo said...

thomas jefferson woulda smacked him good.