Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Yeller - Rick Perry Aggie Prop

Correction: The photo above is not Rick Perry. It's another Texas A&M Yell Leader. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for bringing this to my attention. I found another photo online of the student yell leader pictured above and sure nuff, just as the commenter noted - it's not Rick Perry in the photo above. Rick Perry (age 22) was an Aggie yell leader but that ain't him. However, the corndog molestation photo below IS Rick Perry (age unknown):

This is a photo of Barack Obama (age 22) graduating from Columbia University:



pansypoo said...

perry was a democrat???

Anonymous said...

That's not Rick Perry! That is yell leader Paul Terrell who graduated in 2006!

the farmer said...

Thanks for the heads up anon! I found a photo of Terrell at the Aggie student newspaper and sure enough thats Terrell. Something called the Houston Press - where i found the misattributed photo - still has it identified as Perry. So thanks again for taking the time to alert me to the mistake. Much appreciated.


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