Monday, October 4, 2010

Radio Quack: Donald Duck toons in Glenn Beck

Watch this video: Via Rumproast (excerpted video still shots below)



pansypoo said...

oops. i gotta forward that.

pjk said...

Dest incarnation of a cartoon duck since Daffy or Howard (in print).

Personal best still frame or short sequence for Don Duck would be sprouting the canines to better get a long delayed bite from his Thanksgiving turkey leg.

I wish Donald Duck could have emulated D. Draper or the other D. Duck. Besides, maybe we could have watched Daisy as the smokin' hot (like a Peking, or something marinated in Uncle Dougie's) neglected female eye candy lead.

Daffy would have said "MAY-ting, for LIFE? That shit's fer suckerz and Geese!

Gonna be a rough few Tuesdays until we find out which wingtard takes their loss through the Perpetual Pawlenty Procrastination Patriotic Preservation Process, as provided by that ineffective Democratic/Socialist system of appeals at the real grassroots Good American working people/representative government level that WE-ALL would get-

albeit on a speedy 7 month delay (no bugman pun intended) to get Al Franken a seat, or get anything the "Scary to Rich Folks in all walks of life" foreign secret muslim bowing to foreigners kinda President and his.... AGENDAS!

And FYI, I loved the O'Donnell "I am not a witch, um er, I'm...Just Like YOU!" ad.

Did she make that as a home video expressly for Dr. Laura, Caribootch, Jan Brewer and Karen "hatchet face" Hughes?

Holy Wholly Shit. A nation on dumb f@cks chomping at the bit to elect people stupid enough to truly represent them as peers. We don't need no fancy-pants Ransom Stoddard East Coast lawyer-boys a-tellin' us what to do, dow sarn it!