Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Carl's Five O'Clock Snarl

Attention New Yorkers! Paladino to Broadcast Message Across State (NYTimes):
Carl P. Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor, has quietly purchased several minutes of television time to broadcast a synchronized message across the state on Thursday, his campaign said.


The video, which Mr. Paladino is expected to tape Thursday afternoon, is scheduled to appear on stations in Buffalo at 5:13 p.m. and later in other television markets upstate, including Rochester, Syracuse and Albany. It will also be broadcast on several stations downstate.

Advertisements on upstate radio stations billed Mr. Paladino’s appearance as “Carl Talks Directly to New Yorkers.” The broadcast has proven to be logistically challenging with several stations telling the campaign that they could not accommodate such a large last-minute change of their scheduling.

What kind of explosive "message" will Crazy Carl hurl at New Yorkers?

What kind of menacing plan does Crazy Carl have in store - and what can it all mean - for the residents of New York State?

Stay tuned for Crazy Carl's 5:13 Synchronized Snarlcast - or - Stinky Paladino's Bombastic Fantastic Carlmmunique Didactic!

!!! -- UPDATE --- !!! Crazy Carl's wet firecracker fart - billed as a "major announcement" (campaign ad) to NY voters - went like this:

- The NY Post is stalking my love child!
- Cut taxes!
- Drill baby drill!
- Andrew Cuomo is a man-slut!
- Only I, Carl P. Duce Paladino, can deliver the kind of horse sex - I mean sense, horse sense - New Yorkers expect in Albany!
- $end me money!

Fungoo (an Italian American word meaning: thanks for the memo).

Paladino video message (U-Toob)


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pansypoo said...

rather sad tis asshole is doing so well.