Sunday, August 8, 2010

SBL nature trail


This is my frog-friend Grenouille. During the high summer Grenouille loves to play fetch-stick on the solar cover. During the winter Grenouille retires to the hibernaculum chamber.

Sometimes I wish I could retire to the hibernaculum chamber too. But I can't, because in winter, I must feed the fires of Athanor. But not in the summer. In the summer me and Grenouille play fetch-stick on the solar cover and don't even hardly ever think of the hibernaculum chamber or the fires of Athanor. Long live the solar cover!



pansypoo said...

plastic pond.

the farmer said...

space age thermoplastic polypond for space age pollywogs!


pansypoo said...

hope you get some rain from our latest storms.

pjk said...

The frog looks somewhat like our pool inhabitants (they prefer to stay moist rather than wet), minus the green/grey camo.

Does yours have outsized, sticky toes?

I could swear we have Northern Lights happening here, but they are obscured by low-level ground fog. Shit!

the farmer said...

yay, finally getting some rain. looks like maybe a couple of hours of good steady rain on the way. thanks!

re: froggy - your basic green frog i think, or maybe a peeper. they are the usual pool inhabitants here. they do like to hop around on top of the thing; at night mostly but sometimes during the day if its wet.

Northern Lights happening here

probably just another meth lab explosion up north near Wasilla.


pansypoo said...

no, i guess there was a sun spurt. too urban here. plus north hidden y trees.