Saturday, February 1, 2014

Famous New Jersey Balloon Disasters

MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough can't bear to watch as his giddy dream of one day becoming White House Press Secretary in a Chris Christie administration goes down in a firey hissing ball of hot gas and hubris.



pansypoo said...

oh, the humanitee.

i am sure the gnewz meedia feels it the most.

pansypoo said...

5ish in of fluffy snow, how much in your area. today the snow is perfect for snowmen. but a bit deep,

the farmer said...

I think there is 17-18" on ground. Rain and mid 40 temps coming soon so there should be a big melt later in the week. Okay with me. But looks like the dreaded polar vortex might take a final victory lap after that so I'm not breaking out the Hawaiian asshole shirts just yet.

Gathering up my seeds and hanging the grow lights in the baby nursery.


pansypoo said...

we had about 20" before the rains. now we could use some fresh snow for the polar votex coming. new sheets arrived just in time. for the 1st time i have not been cold in winter. polartec longies!