Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Last Thursday



pansypoo said...


pjk said...

Ended up doing ours Friday, due to work schedules/somewhat frozen bird Thursday.

Didn't really have a concrete schedule, but that won't keep some people from getting pissy about not getting what they assume will happen with no input.

The Ranger may or may not leak anymore. I added a few thick washers to the area of the pan where it seems to emerge from, but I'm not so sure that the source couldn't be above that. Needs fluid level checked and a trip to the back 40 before it disappoints me yet again.

Gasket+filter+fluid, leak, new Ford gasket+fluid, leak, drop pan again and straighten it a bit+fluid+rtv silicone, leak, add thick washers.

Your logsplitter have a motorcycle-sized filter, where it's rough finding a wrench?

And I never chased waitresses, but I couldn't imagine that having eight balls would have made me more attractive. I must be missing something here (heh).

Today's version of pushing the limits seems to be getting elected to a government which you wish to shut down while still pulling a check. At the same time, vote for benefit cuts and/or drug testing for OTHER government employees- and when you do get busted, find Jesus and take a rehab vacation.

pansypoo said...

frozen bird or no, my mom had most of the family coming + that big assed MF was gonna get gone! i think we ate later that thanksgiving.

pjk said...

Well, with my wife being mistakenly scheduled for a 10:45 PM start at her kick-ass entry-level used-to-be-SuperAmerica, pays you less than Unemployment "job", she went in and came back around the time Mo' got back. And based on Friday's cook time, they both could have maybe sat down towards the tail end of T-Day.

I'm not sure if I could have located the proverbial Silver Platter. Me? I'll settle for 2nd or 3rd on the list for what an "Almost" lotto ticket pays out, and figure that's as good as things are ever going to get.

If I won big, you would see me in person. Not on TV like the shithead promising money to the church and playing poker in a titty bar with $100K in a running Cadillac escalade outside.

No cowboy hat. But a set of alligator or python cross-trainers might be nice.

Happy almost St. Nick's.

pansypoo said...

taint the free markets awesome?

pjk said...


yeah, if the Race to the Bottom is Awesome.

I love the stats re: the bottom 80% of the population vs. "successful people".

1978 to circa 2011, 90% increase in worker productivity for less than an 8% boost in pay.

CEO pay up by 725% in that same period.

Half the country "living" on 27K per year.

60% of minimum wage workers are women over 34 years of age.

And STILL we get to hear the bullshit about how boosting wages will lead to hiring cutbacks. Or is it Obamacare keeping the wife from getting 40 hours on a decent schedule?

Hard to say, seeing as she's not eligible for insurance through her employer anyway.

$5.5 billion profit for McDonalds, the Walton demon spawn are worth more than Bill Gates, and they whine about the potential of having to pay their employees enough to bump them off of government social programs (as if those #s aren't rediculously low in terms of what qualifies as desperately poor and rediculously high in what we basically pad their profit margin with).

They just don't want to see nationwide general strikes or walkouts as tends to occur in Europe when people get pissed off. But the vast majority of us can't afford to miss even a day of work, if we want to continue in our pursuit of the American Dream.

Taint, indeed. We're getting the trickle-down from somewhere in that general region.

Our beloved owner is rumored to be coming back from Florida month #1 of 4 next week. People are pretty close to telling him what to pack, and it doesn't involve seersucker shorts or a Panama Jack hat for his next trip.

Swamped at work, but I'm sure the No OT Decree got called in.

Obvious HorseShit Story of the Week/Year/Top Ten List; one of the shop supervisors told my co-worker that Uncle TightAss's daughter had quarterly bonus checks made out (3 times!) but we ran too much scrap, so Dad had her "tear them up".

They begrudge us the cost of printer ink and blank check paper even on a weekly basis.

I would expect the "Are you calling me a LIAR?!" retort, to which I might say not unless either inventing or passing along a patently false fictional fairy-tale statement might be construed as lying.

Bah Humbug.

pansypoo said...

as i said on DU, the majority can no longer afford full price, the new pope is speaking for the 99%. zombie reagan must die. stop zombie georgee from getting up off the floor.
wall street must die.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love "the Pope Hates Capitalism" shit.

Don't we all, in its present form/mutation.

You work, and your employer wants to double their "cost" on you.

Then, you get 25% or better knocked off yor check.

THEN, everyone you spend after-tax $ wants to make a 50% profit off your lowly Drone Bee ass.

My personal favorite word to be banned from 24/7 news coverage used to be Resilient in the GWB era.

Now, it's Uncertainty re; we'd be hiring people and/or investing if we knew for sure we had a tax rate that started with a Goose Egg before the decimal point.

Anything else we can do fer ya?

The Bo(eh)ner gettin' pissed at the fringe was the only holiday surprise I can count on.

Don't care for the Orange Tan Man too much. but I don't feel the need to be a fire hydrant either.

Happy nothing's on sale/heating bill/gotta cut back somewhere, so it might as well be plowing Season, y'all!

pjk said...


pansypoo said...

now the war on govt employer pensions. a chip cip chip war at the middle class by he rich. WERE IS THE CLASS WARFARE CRY? oh yeah. only say it when we dare to fight back.

pjk said...

Nah, pansy, Class Warfare is right (?) up there with World War C as in Christmas and the 24/7 anti-Obamacare (don't you Dare call it Romneycare) coverage, depending on what you watch.

Greedy rich fucks to whom there is never enough? Class Warfare!

Now we're hearing the same tired shit about a stand over the debt ceiling.

So, if the government defaults on pensions, do we have to cover those, too?

Also- nice story about the "I'm like a deep cover covert CIA op, trust me, it's classified, I could tell ya but then I'd hafta kill yer ass" EPA dude.

On the job since 2000; Hmmm! Was he another G-Dub college buddy, like Brownie?

Pretty bleak here; thinking about packin' heat in case someone asks me if I have all my Holiday shopping done yet. Sadly, I may, though I have yet to begin.

Except for feeding the locusts.

Mo-in-Law truck beached on the lawn like Walt Disney's frozen ass, just waiting for a technological breakthrough that allows us to bring it back to life.

Too bad we're not in the market for a luxury car with the available $250 bow on top. Good deal or not, there's no shortage of those ads on the tube right now.

Wait- can we get the keys encrusted with Industrial-grade (Whoops! I mean "chocolate") diamonds?

At least when the indentured or otherwise enslaved underclasses came up with decent alternatives for food that was pooh-pooed by our hallowed founding fathers, it was something of value.

Like shellfish. Or brisket.

"pave"= diamond chips & gravel.
"chocolate"= carbon-laden shit that used to be relegated to drill bits and grinding wheel dressers.

I think it started in the Bush era, when everything program needed a name that sounded like the exact opposite of what it was.

Ignorance is Strength x Oxymoron.

Gotta go. Most likely dropping the kids at school this AM.

The wife is back to her 3rd shift (literally) within the last 27 hours. 10:45p-6:30a, 11:15a-7:00p, and 2:00a-6:30a with a big ? at the end.

At least she has the dignity of work.

pansypoo said...

what's funny, the 2% does much better when they let the 98% have some crumbs.

the farmer said...

merry christmas - happy rum and eggnog.


pjk said...

Not too bad a time had by all.

pansypoo said...

bah humbug. ooh, more snow. hey! heat wave! 25f!

pjk said...

Ze Heat Wave, She Ist Over.

Got some scraping & salt application done Saturday, when it might still work.

pansy- Holy pull one out of yer ass Packer game today, Eh?

Next week vs. 49ers, maybe?

AKA last home game fer da season.

Hey Dere. Time ta load up on basic roll-bustin' essentials and likker fer da long haul of da next 3 months of guaranteed profitability re: our local energy monopoly.

I gotta invent a furnace that runs on shit. Might make me love my co-inhabitants a little more, be they 2 legged, 4 legged, or multi-finned.

Damn, Girl, you sure do produce the energy in peak heating season!

Now if only we could get 100% usage from that free-range Methane!

pansypoo said...

i do believe they use shit power in the mountains.

yeah. how bout dem packers. who knows, wild seems better than going in top dog. but my season was made when flynn beat the cowpies.

think its time for another layer, shit, even the pancakes for dinner were shivering.

but the sun is up longer, the packers got us thru another winter. sigh feb is not here yet. i guess i have to keep my green a gold glitter toes for another week. or 2, or 3.

the farmer said...

cold. waiting for all that cold you got out there to make its way east and run into a big noreaster. Is it possible to grow yer own peat bog? I still can't believe the Browns didn't make it into the post season again this year.


pjk said...

I think we're trolling the bottom in terms of win/loss (tie) record for making it to playoff season.

Have to see if we can shut down Happy Legs Kaepernick next Sunday before fretting over any road trip.

No sense trying to grow peat unless you can heat your home and flavor your Scotch at the same time.

the farmer said...

heat your home and flavor your Scotch

yup, thats what i had in mind. and the goats live on the roof.

Maybe it'll be cold and snowing in GB on sunday. That should help.


pansypoo said...

snow in SF would be nice. or an earthquake taking out their arena so they have to play in green bay. right? RIGHT?
actually, since the only sport i care about is politics,i am content to beat 'da bears'.

we have a supper club in wi that has goats on the grassy roof + a goat cam, but they winter elsewhere i guess.

the farmer said...

oh no, they are playing in SF?

we have a supper club in wi that has goats on the grassy roof

I guess we can guess what the souvlakis are made of.

Happy New Year


the farmer said...

ok, it's SF at GB. still tickets available.


pansypoo said...

i just assumed the 9er's had a better record. better be an early game or its gonna be cold.

the farmer said...

forecast high of 2 degrees for sunday in GB. OMG. And with any wind chill off the lake... The team with the most fingers left un-amputated by the end of the fourth quarter wins.

Got a little snowstorm happ'nin here. Bout 8-9 inches so far - i guess.


pansypoo said...

not counted in feet, bearable. AFTER DARK??? ooh, nippy. i think those cheese heads may be handy.

the farmer said...

i hope they're jalapeno cheddar heads becuzz they gonna need all the extra heat they can get.


pansypoo said...

it will be orange for sure.

the farmer said...

gonna be warm next weekend. seem like spring for a few days. too bad they couldn't play next sunday.


pansypoo said...

the turf ois heated now. pansies. lol.

the farmer said...

[[[I always get a kick out of reading the Watertown NY forecasts. From Lowville (east of Watertown).]]]

Overnight. Light Snow with widespread blowing snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Steady temperature around 7. Wind chill values as low as -10. Southwest wind around 11 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of 17 to 23 inches possible.

Wednesday. Snow with areas of blowing snow. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 15. Wind chill values as low as -10. Southwest wind 9 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 10 to 15 inches possible.

Wednesday Night. Snow. The snow could be heavy at times. Low around 6. Wind chill values as low as -5. Southwest wind 7 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches possible.

[[[all that with 27 inches of snow already on the ground]]]

Spotter Reports:
WATERTOWN 21.2 630 PM 1/07

LOWVILLE 27.2 915 PM 1/07
CROGHAN 17.0 800 PM 1/07
BEAVER FALLS 16.0 755 PM 1/07


the farmer said...

turf ois heated now

Yeah. Been that way for quite a while hasn't it? I was a Packers fan when i was a kid. I had a Ray Nitschke poster that hung on the door of my room.


pansypoo said...

well, the turf is dead this year tho. but football got us over the hump. now if only there was something other than basketball + hockey to get past february.