Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rand Paul is Stupid

Rand Paul, filiblustering on the Senate floor:
“It was a chaotic situation,” the Kentucky senator said. “Out of that chaos, Hitler was elected democratically. They elected him out of this chaos.” International Business Times

Someone please inform Senator Koo-Koo from Kentucky that Hitler wasn't elected. Hitler never won any election to public office. Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by Paul von Hindenburg who, at the time, was President of Germany. Hindenburg appointed Hitler to shore up a conservative coalition - to form a conservative majority government - which would include the Nazi Party.

For more on this topic see:
Rand Paul is Stupid (Booman Tribune)



pjk said...

Wow. You've been busy and inspired while I have been the bipolar opposite of that.

Don'tcha know such historical errors are made because "they don't teach REAL history in public school" nowadays.

Rando have the public option re; education? Where did Dad/ My Favorite Martian send his impressionable ass, to the Ayn Rand school fer thuh future?

The Rise & Fall of America in a nutcase shell.

the farmer said...

Apparently, when he wasn't squinting at eye charts or decoding secret messages for the NoZe Brotherhood or praying to the Aqua Budda Bong God he was busy studying his Ayn Rand and Austrian economics (and I think we all know who else was an Austrian).


pansypoo said...

of course they WOULD prefer we invade yemen + iran. anything for the military industrial complex.

pjk said...

We made it through the Ides of March, afficionados.....

or did we? Long Time, no posto.

This Winter has definitely rendered me the hibernating eunuch sort of being.

Like Platypus Man without the sex drive. I know Cialis might help with the "viability" end of things, but I don't know that DownHomeLust meds are either available or advisable.

Not sure ya wanna let that genie outta the bottle. Gawd knows they might let the wife think these were undeed my Golden Years.

pansy- we're apparently so "first name" level with falling behind on WE Winter bills, that they actually quit mailing us The Bill.

One-time correspondence from them equalled "You're first on our April cutoff list" memo, with no indication of what was owed.

We got electric heaters because the shitty furnace sometimes cycles 4 times but refuses to light. 3 weeks later, they were out here RE-checking the gas meter for proper operation.

They digitized the electric meter, but I bet it's never been replaced in the 40 years this place has existed. Why give up on a good thing?

There Ain't No Cure For The Wintertime Blues...

pansypoo said...

i think st pats is a far more dangerous ides now. DRINK AT HOME!

pjk said...

Finally filing the taxes. Mo-in-Law gets her usual everything back (even without a credit for property tax; someone needs to pay 'em before you can claim 'em), our 20 yr old daughter gets about 60% back, and because Unemployment is Real Income, we get about 5% back.

Nice Spring weather we're having.

My biggest St. Paddys weekend expense was the family fish fry. Better than a DWI or putting down the family dog; maybe the cole slaw wasn't to my liking and the fries didn't travel well, but that's small potatoes in comparison to the other options.

I need a set of muck boots so's I can get something done around here in the week between 20 degrees and 80. Whenever that occurs.

the farmer said...

Nice Spring weather we're having

Well, to be fair it did only just wake up a couple of hours ago. Does look like its going to take it a little while to roll outta hibernation though.

I need some of those muck boots too. But $100 is too much. Go for the PVC chore boots. Gempler's has some in $20-40 range if ya can't find anything in the stores.

Sorry about not posting anything for a while. Just can't seem to get around to it - or into it - lately.


pjk said...

I know the feeling. It can last for months, where you just use up what energy you have doing everyday functions.

For myself and the boy especially, it can't be no calf-hugging low instep kind of pointy-toed cowboy boot.

I did see some being cleared out of the local Farm&Barn that appeared to have flex fabric down the sides in a V to just above ankle height- but they didn't have them above single E width.

Damnit, man, I need a ManBoot, for a big stinky hairy-toed paddle foot. Got something that looks like a foot from some sort of Star Wars Imperial Walker? Sign us up.

Maybe it's just one of those years; I know a shitload of people who have been at least a little under the weather for half the "holiday" season to the Spring, and most with a couple kick-yo'-ass illnesses that took a few weeks apiece thrown in.

I've got this notion that prolonged exposure to gloomy weather along with working for a living under these circumstances leads to old people such as myself seeing a net loss in the supposed benefits of proper diet, strenuous activity, and a decent sleep schedule.

Dire Straits Industrial Disease?


Thank God for a little OT. Keeps me in smokes & pint cans of Heineken. Gets me out of the house and everyone gets a break from my crabby old Vitamin D-prived ass.

Duck Dynasty helps, too.

pansypoo said...

march is still here, looking like february. last year we had a breif eruption of june. maybe spring next week.

the farmer said...

can't be no calf-hugging low instep kind of pointy-toed cowboy boot.

God no, nothing like that. Want the ones that look like fisherman boots. They have the ones you're probably thinking of in the Gemplers catalog - the ones with the flexible side - but those are Red Wings and they want $110. The inexpensive ones are Servus chore boots and Heartland PVC Barnyard boots ($20) and some other similar brands. You can get them with steel toes too and some of the knee high types you can cut down to the height ya want. Not sure about width sizes though. They don't list them. Go to gemplers dot com and check it out.


Naval jelly, sandpaper and morphine should clear that right up.

Duck Dynasty

Or Weed Country. But I still haven't seen the Honey Boo-Boo show.

maybe spring next week.

Looks more like the first week of April at this point. Also looks like maybe another big storm around the 2nd or 3rd of April. Dunno if it'll be cold enough for snow though. Seeing some grackles showing up and saw one red winged blackbird so thats a good sign.


the farmer said...

And Rand Paul is still stupid. Stupider than ever.


pansypoo said...

was the ground pig right?

pansypoo said...

snow, snow;
this weather blows.

the farmer said...

this weather blows.

i hear ya. but won't be long before it starts finally warming up. i just hope its not gonna be another one of those deals where it goes from the 30's to the high 70's in the course of a week. i hate it when that happens.


pansypoo said...

well, the snow is deflating + melting. stuff is poking up. soon RHUBARB PIE!

the farmer said...

i noticed today that the daffodils are on their way up. Looks like after the first week in april rolls on by it'll begin warming up on a regular basis.

was the ground pig right?

I think the only thing the groundpig does is see his shadow or not see his shadow. It's his people that make what they want of all that - and fuck it up or not.

pansypoo said...

i think the local pig predicted late.

oh, the daffs have been free osf snow. more shit growing. i should see if the moss + such are chaning. OH MY! the celery stem i put in water IS GROWING!. BABEE celery!

pjk said...

The only thing growing around here is the volume we pack into the garbage dumpster. And maybe anxious animosity on my part.

Muck boot season, indeed. In every way.

Yay, WI! From last year Q1-Q3 we went from 36th to 44th in private sector jobs created, nationwide.

Good old Scotty the Job Crater.

What we need is a big-assed strip mine run by the company currently being sued in a neighboring state for toxic contaminants and the like.

Throw in a few imported machines, and domestically import/transfer a few high-dollar operators, and BANG! Job creation in the Rick Perry sense.

No one left to pay but district overloerds and set a skosh aside for legal fees (half for Thomas & Scalia, and use the rest to get your future LLC bankruptcy papers ready).

It's a good life if you don't weaken.

the farmer said...

Scotty the Job Crater

I like that.

Scotty's Job Crater. Welcome to Wisconsin: the Scotty Walker Job-Impact Crater State.


pansypoo said...

butbutbut that new fucking open pit mine will shirley be ENOUGH jobs. right? RIGHT?!?

pjk said...

It's all a political vendetta by Lib'rulz agin' any sort of job creation by a Real American.

Can we still get High Speed Rail money and use it as we like, instead?

Can we get 10 cents on the dollar if you pay out our share of State tobacco settlement money at once?

Republicans Suck at governing, outside of paying back contributors at least tenfold.

Hey, pansy- I hear WI's running a surplus, and Tommy's ghost wants to give it back.

pansypoo said...

scapoleon walker wants to give it back.
of course they election stood everything pat. at least e can't do a tommy fucking thompson who rode the clinton boom to re-election.

pjk said...

No. But an O-Boom might do the same.

Lowlife scumbags that they are, it's vote no&filibuster the SHIT out of (usually) Repug-inspired ideas.

I guess a few years between "best new idea since sliced bread" and evil lib sekrit commie muzlin fake prez offering Ver-Fucking-Batim proposal is Donor Poison.

Let the country rot. Vote Rightly.

Because economic recovery might make 'em look bad.

pansypoo said...

well, he ain't winning on his job creation. i don't think obama can fix that w/ the current GOP congress. walkers only hope is dems take the house in 2014.

pjk said...

Nice "partly cloudy" weather we're having.

And it's still a mystery why folks in this region tend to get liquored up for a hobby?

pjk said...

Got a little Sun 2day. Not so bad.

Mudfest continues. Leaves a person to pursue the aforementioned "hobby" and stay up 'till 4AM watching the Formula 1 Chinese Gran Prix.

A good race, plenty of soap opera backstory re; teams, drivers etc. But the best thing turned out to be the carbon-copy Chinese girls on the podium afterwards.

Don't know what they do for the rest of the year. Same dress, same haircut, down to the millimeter in height. Stepford-like.

Kim Jong-Un (aka Fatty III) could use a few of those, to get his mind Right. And I mean right (like Strother in Cool Hand Luke).

Damn, do baby ducks get big in a hurry! Muscovies, anyway. They sure don't mind a little pooling of rainwater, but not big on lightning.

You Go, Rand Paul. Best ad for a voter competency test, ever.

the farmer said...

just cold rain for the last week - with a few snowflakes swirling around every now and then. looks like warmer temps this week. i don't mind the rain but it'd be nice if it would at least crawl above 50 degrees. i want to plant some spinach.

You Go, Rand Paul
The crazies have really outdone themselves for the last month. Its hard to keep up with it all. Randy seems to be his own best idiotic infliction. And his loopy old huckster daddy has now apparently got himself involved with selling do-it-yourself home schooling kits to paranoid nutters who want to turn their kids into little Rothbarbian Austrian economics anarcho-capitalist shaman or Biblical Law bench warmers. The two of em are like characters from a Flannery O'Connor story.


pansypoo said...

and amerikans are still suckers for that shit.

butbutbut spring is coming, right? RIGHT?!?