Saturday, January 5, 2013

happy new year

Fourteen inches of snow from the storms after Christmas.



pansypoo said...

drought insurance.

jp said...

nothing here..and a record being set...over 320 days without 1" of snow. will be in the 40's all week too. HNY farmer, Pansypoo and all the ships at sea.

pansypoo said...

you still don't have any? that ain't good.

pjk said...

Happy I Hope, y'all.

Re; previous posts...

I'll go with who needs conventional niceties like a stove or furnace, when you can get by on mikes, nescos & space heaters.

Chops, loin, tenderloin, bacon, ham ok. A pork butt might make better shred, but maybe when ya live in a northern uppity Red County, they ship in the fattiest shoulders & picnics in an effort to shorten (R) life expectancy.

Adjusted our forecast to Thursday rain, 51 Friday, 26 Sunday.

The holidays bummed me out again for no real reason besides feeling like we need to spend money to celebrate the birth of O.L.&S., Inc. rather than pay bills.

Worked NY Eve day shift, went to bed 9:30 PM. Slept 12 hrs, stayed up till 4AM watching a Twilight Zone marathon with a few Heinekens & Guiness stouts.

Top Sirloin roast last weekend, Weber seared & Nesco finished. Turned out great.

There's a section of meat on a sirloin some butchers refer to as the "cap". Sort of a strip along the side, grain of the meat runs differently. I ask for them to leave that on, and our butchers are nice enough to cut the gristly knot off the small end as well.

When you have some good eats and your favorite vices at the ready, you can get yourself to thinking things ain't so bad, all things considered.

pansypoo said...

white meat low fat pork is a CRIME.

sirloin tip? flank?

the farmer said...

I like to make something called "spiedies" with pork loin roast or shoulder. its sort of a regional thing around here - a spiedie being a variation on the italian word spiedini meaning skewers (hence, grilled meat on skewers). can make them from beef, pork, lamb, chicken, even goat if ya want to. Supposedly, lamb was the traditional choice.

trim all the fat from the pork roast and cut into one or two inch cubes and marinate in "Spiedie" sauce for two or 3 days in the fridge. You can buy special spiedie marinades online from Lupos or Salamida (see: www dot spiedies dot com) or (www dot spiedie dot com). I like the lemon-garlic.

I always cook em with grilled veggies. Tomatos, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, green pepper. Can use zucchini or summer squash too. I grill the veggies in a grill basket so they dont fall off the skewers until they are soft and starting to get blackened then transfer them to the oven or broiler to roast or just stay warm while the meat cooks. Grill the meat on the skewers like any kebab.

Get a big loaf of fresh unsliced italian bread and cut it into one inch thick slices and place the slices of bread in the bottom and along the sides of a big serving bowl.

Take the veggies out of the oven - stir in some marinade with the veggies - then slide the meat off the skewers and mix with the veggies and dump the whole mess into the bowl over the bread. Cover it all and let it sit for a few minutes to let the juices soak into the bread. Then eat it.

You can make it without the grilled veggies too but its not the same. Most people just grill the meat and serve it on sliced italian sandwich bread or hot dog rolls but thats a waste of charcoal if ya ask me. Like a BLT without the L and T.

For indoor winter use: Can grill the spiedies on the George Forman or Hamilton Beach style. Doesn't work as well as charcoal with the vegetables but still good nuff.

And thats my pork roast story.


the farmer said...

sirloin tip? flank?

the "cap" is from the sirloin. rump cap is what they call it i think. but its a sirloin cut.

Off topic but: ever try almond milk? I just discovered it recently and its pretty fuckin good. I don't like regular milk much - and that greasy soy milk crap is awful - but this almond milk is just right.

Looks like cold weather coming after this warm up, so get ready for deep dark winter to dig in. Good time to put another cap on the Weber - or some spiedies.


pansypoo said...

i gave up on grilling. MEH on smoke. i a all about teh gravee. OMG was the gravee i made from my uncles pork shoulder roast awesome. BECAUSE IT HAS FAT!

pjk said...


the beef would be Top sirloin vs. sirloin tip (and its ilk). I don't like the tip because it is low fat and generally tougher.

Not too versed in the Low & Slow.


no objection to grilled for flavor veg. finished or kept warm. My son ain't big on any vegetable besides sweet corn in so far as I can tell, but the rest here stand unopposed in support.

Weber usage depends on something worth grilling, temperature, and family availability. I don't forsee going in & out the living room door 20 times when it hits around Zero with the breeze.

The old porcelain-coated Weber kettles are worth their weight in gold; even without legs, you can make yourself a stand or convert an old gas grill frame into a Weber cart.

The coating really reflected the heat, therefor cutting down on buildup (and charcoal usage), and you could hose them down with Gunk Engine Brite instead of fancy oven or grill cleaner. Just build the extra-size fire to sanitize it before the next use.

I don't know if there even exists an electric charcoal lighter worth buying, especially if you rely on the local coal-fired plant for the juice. They do work, but you have to remember to haul it out of there religiously after the coals are going well.

While it's still Red Hot. Set it somewhere to cool. What could possibly go wrong?

Not a milk fan farmer, but I'm starting to enjoy the occasional coffee. Maybe a little of that and a little less sugar.

While we watch Somebody ELSE'S friggin' Super Bowl season!

After the way SF took apart the (ailing) Packers, I wouldn't bet against them versus the rest of the field.

pansypoo said...

i was impressed w/ the NEW young 25back.

milk. i am not much of a fan but for calcium. i freeze my glass til it is 1/3 frozen. icy cold better than ice cold.

the farmer said...

don't forsee going in & out the living room door 20 times when it hits around Zero with the breeze.

Time to head off to Hamilton Beach for the winter pjk. table top indoor electric grill season. Works better than i thought it would. I have one of those boxy $29.99 tin can grills for outdoors. the kind with the flip top lid and little plastic wheels and the flapdoodle imitation redwood shelf on the side that collapses if ya even wave a hot weiner at it.

Try the almond milk - supposedly it has more calcium than reg. milk and no fat or cholesterol or lactose blowback. Can use it for cooking too. I used it to make some mac and cheese the other night without any problem.

Looks like NY passed some gun laws. I guess I won't be able to upload any more - to the xstian mingle forum - pictures of myself posing in my underpants with the Zeeg Zower M400 and my MSG Bible. God hath thou foresaken thee. The end of days are upon us. Obama rides the Sharia Wolf on the other side of the door!

But asdie from that, I think it'll be SF v. NE. And I think SF will win. Which will mean that the San Franhomos will have won the world series and the super bowl. Another sure sign of the end times.


pansypoo said...

almond MILK in WI might be agaist the law like oleo.

pansypoo said...

blog whoring belongs at attaturk's place.

the farmer said...

that wasn't even blog whoring, just cheap spam.


pansypoo said...


pjk said...

Sick like a dog this weekend, to the point I passed on my usual MO

(why stay home and feel like shit without pay?).

12-16 hours per day in bed. Trying to get up every 6 in order to remedicate.

Not as bad as the strep throat I caught from the kids about 8 years ago, but time is moving very slowly.

Might actually be a Super Bowl worth watching.

pansypoo said...

sounds like a fun flu.

i only watch is the packers are there. but glad the patriots were eliminated. NO RED WHITE + BLUE!

the farmer said...

glad i've been sparred the flu so far. those cold below zero temps you got are beginning to move in tonight. that should kill my atv battery. looks like maybe a big noreaster/snowstorm for the last two days of the month. at least it looks that way on the long range global forecast system models.


pansypoo said...

we need snow for the perennials.