Saturday, January 26, 2013

FOX Nooze Sets Palin Adrift

Palin, following a flight from Newark to Sault Ste. Marie, crosses Lake Superior on her way to Thunder Bay, Ontario where she will catch a bus bound for the Yukon. Along the way she will kill and eat a trout, have her photo taken with a gigantic fiberglass moose, share a bottle of Fireball with a biker chick from Saskatoon who knew Greta back when she was just a stripper in Tampa, apply for a job with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network affiliate in Whitehorse, deliver a speech on the importance of discipleship and media to the Alaska Bible College in Glenhallen, and arrive home in in the Mat-Su Valley in plenty of time for casual attire night at the Parks Highway Taco Bell in Wasilla.

Who needs Roger Ailes when you have Joseph Farah. Sarah Palin for Governor of California! (That's right John McCain, you bloodless impotent hump, Governor of California -- 2015!)

The dreamer never sleeps, a quitter never gives up!



jp said...

shared on the ubiquitous FB..farmer in fine form today.

pansypoo said...


the farmer said...

Looks like some of the sidebar info has disappeared. So if you can't see it either don't adjust your set because its probably some kind of network difficulty thang.

My big storm for the end of next week is still showing up on the model maps but like its might be really warm. Like in the mid 50's warm for the middle of the week. Yikes.


pansypoo said...

so far the ice storm is nothing here.

Anonymous said...

Palin is like that scratch in your liberal asses that just won't go away isn't she. You pray that it'll go away- put a little cream on it, but by morning it's still there. And yes, now that she's gone from Fox she'll be out of your sights temporarily. But you lemmings can't rid yourselves of the Stockholm Syndrome from which you all suffer, and soon she'll reappear to torment and to satisfy your perverted desires once again.

the farmer said...

So Palin is like some kind of malignant ass-crack fungal dermatitis on the body politic?

Ok, if you say so.


pansypoo said...

she is a gnews enhanced tumor.

pjk said...

Who was optimistic enough to think she'd "go away"?

Nice of McCain to display the cost of reasonable thought within the RepubliCult.

Also, I just can't get enough of the NRA ignoring their rank & file majority in favor of the nut-job pseudo survivalists who envision themselves coming out on top in a shootout with the government.

Ask the SLA how that went.

pansypoo said...

best to IGNORE palin

pansypoo said...

gee, need content.