Tuesday, November 13, 2012

first snow

didn't see that coming.



pansypoo said...

nice pic. looks like rain. we had a handful of flakes, so it don't count.

pansypoo said...

well, better weather coming. perfect week to re-roof.

pjk said...

Downright balmy around these parts this week.

Goat catastrophe last weekend. The neighbor brought over some piney-lookin' branches, and the Mo-in-law said sure, go ahead and throw 'em in.

I heard the term YEW when I walked next door to say if ya got any more, DON'T throw 'em in.

5 dead out of 20, no idea on how it affected any that were bred. Mostly the young ones, last Spring or this Spring babies.

And I guess a good drought tends to make whatever's toxic in a plant such as those more so.

We seem to have saved one, but nobody's elated with the .167 average. Still waiting on the vet bill.

pansypoo said...

oh dear.

the farmer said...

Oh no, that's terrible. that shit can kill a horse. i hope no more of em got into it. i guess you'd know by now if they had.


pjk said...

We're hopeful. Pretty strange, your pine/evergreen type things.

Euwell Gibbons could probably have told us all about that.

Somehow, back in the day, someone had to figure out (a) which mushrooms were edible (and if there was a bonus, (b) which toads to either squeeze for water or lick for a buzz, and (c) the whole Japanese FUGU blowfish prep.

That, and someone felt gin needed juniper berries. At least the Tank.

One of those Shit Happens moments.

I'd like it if the wife had a different hobby at times like these. Target shooting, drag racing, intraveinous drug use, bank robbing-

-or shit, even blogging! How bad can it get?

I guess the fruitless online job search almost qualifies her for that sort of time expense/reward ratio.

Lastly, I lean towards Key Lime Cheesecake over the Lemeranque.

Talk to you around bloatfest'12.

pansypoo said...

watch out, she may take up BEADING.

the farmer said...

I'd like it if the wife had a different hobby at times like these

I was going to suggest growing pumpkins (can use em for target shooting too) but blogging is a good idea if ya don't mix it with too much alcohol...which can lead to the other hobbies: like drug use and attempted bank robbing and shooting at people in the Target parking lot. (or like pansy said, beading ... or scrapbooking or covering yourself with mitt romney 47%er tatoos)

I hope your other goats are ok. I really grew fond of some of the goats living near me this summer. I think i'll stick with tending to my little plant world hobby. Seems like much less maintenance on multiple levels.

Key Lime cheesecake good too. Long as ya have real key limes. Either one is way better than pumkin pie. Pumkin pie pretty much kinda sucks and its about time people admit it.

neeps and tatties and stuffed turkis tomarrow.


pansypoo said...

stuffed turkey makes worse gravee!!!!