Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lord Butterfingers

“This is an impressive crowd -- the haves and the have mores. Some people call you the elite -- I call you my base.” ~ George W. Bush; 2004

I think it's time for international venture playboy Mitt Romney to release a few more years of past tax returns so we can be sure he's a real conservative base man and not one of those freeloading 47 percenter spongers he's been lamenting.



Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

I want to know when he is going to talk about weaning Big Baby Oil of that government teat, since he dislikes freeloaders so much.

pjk said...

Shocked, Shocked I tell you!

Nice to see people lining up behind him, too.

We're in the "other" category, in terms of Federal taxes. But by his reckoning, anyone that takes a tax deduction is relying/dependent on the feds, are they not?

Willard AssClown III.

pansypoo said...

OH, the WELFARE KINGS will never EVER be mentioned. that's so 2%!!!

partisan sacrifice. SAY IT!!!!!

pansypoo said...

DU had Money booboo.

pjk said...

Let's see if tonight yields him the tight-ass rich guy version of "There you go again!".

Zingers? Is that what your Mom gave you as solid food?

Oh, wait- unless there was a Mormon version of Peanuts, no friggin' way Ma Romney was gonna condone trans-fat laden Dolly Madison products endorsed by heathens.

Maybe Ho-Hos. Or "don't let mom find that in your magic underwear, later!" mystical Utah energy bars.

Made of applesauce, sawdust, and whatever gives a person the desire to "succeed" so they may wave their red, white & blue dicks in our faces.

On the up side, the push mower works well enough for the wife to mow as much as she likes to feed the beasties.

On the down side, our LaMancha buck likes to jump 4' fences to "be nearer to the ladies" (cue up some Barry White).

Racistly or genetically speaking, cross-breeding goats or any other purebred animal doesn't gain you anything in value. So we kind of want to give the male Tog his chance at his ladies, too. The ones with significant external ears.

PA ID law goes down thru the election? Somebody's gotta have the money to fastrack that to the SCOTUS, don't they?

Call it an emergency situation. That works at GOP state level.

the farmer said...

what kind of a fucking debate was that? like watching the boston red sox blow the 2011 season.


the farmer said...

jim lehrer looked like an old possum in need of a quart of blood.


pjk said...

Hijack the format- there's some "media bias" for you!

Talking factually can't compare to going 0-60 when talking shit.

You have a 15 minute exchange, and don't mind if I ask assclown over there what he thinks, after you're 15 seconds in.

"Anything gov't can do, the Private sector can do better". And throw in a 5T tax cut which I really never ran on (wink).

Didn't endear the Mitten Man who lives on Ivory Tower Lane to me.

pansypoo said...

you can't win if you lie about 1/2 the shit. he is gonna get too cocky.

the farmer said...

he is gonna get too cocky.

He's just adding more taped footage to the party tape reel of Mitt's Big Hit Parade Of Lies.


pansypoo said...

conservatives also ok w/ his mad dash away from what they want.
bait & switch. what would america get?

the farmer said...

hes going to need his fancy boy car elevator to lift himself out of the hole hes already dug, and keeps on digging, for himself.

keep on digging mittens, keep on digging.