Friday, July 27, 2012

tomatoes and beans

Another round of rainwater please.


pjk said...

We're kinda in an almost 50% possibility rotation lately, which I hope continues. We certainly have catching up to do.

Short of flooding, that is.

County fair over, and State in a week or two. Yay.

I'm thinking that hobby is about as spendy as snowmobiling in a bad year with a sled you're making payments on, or some sort of motor vehicle racing that limits you to attending the closer events you can afford to participate in.

Or a traditional vice (or 2).

Seeing as how the weather has been so royally AFU lately, I'm hoping the growing season lasts right up until November.

Voting day harvests might make a few farmers happy.

jp said...

despite the great cold weather veg crop until the drought..tomatoes,peppers, eggplant, etc etc all doing ok, though small. THe Italian Beef wid peppers bush is not doing too well..not enough grease? Hoping for that election day harvest too. Is mittens still running?

the farmer said...

County fair over

Any major awards?

Long term forecast is predicting a warm Fall for these parts. I sometimes get pretty close to those voting day harvests with my peppers because I hoop-house them when it starts turning cold. Although the annual bambi ambush is the favored opportunity for bloody revenge, i mean happy harvest, for that time of year.

not enough grease?

I understand. You might try placing a gold chain holding baby onions or other giardiniera near the base of the plant to honor the martyrdom of St Lawrence of Rome (the patron saint of griddles and fly swatters). If you have a greasy sweaty sleeveless undershirt available you should take that off and wring any juices from the undershirt around the base of the plant for additional fertilizer. Also too, try transplanting a french fry vine nearby as a companion planting.

Is mittens still running?

Last i heard he was running from a jeering mob of British sport hooligans.


pjk said...

The award thing I remember was reserve champion for Best Doe in Show, but county is pretty limited competition-wise.

I'm just happy the "leased" cow my daughter showed wasn't the one that chose to do a Mexican Hat Dance on someone's foot.

I am really hoping for the local grow extension mostly for hay production. And this ain't one of those "help out a brother in another state" kind of years, either.

pansypoo said...

did i miss anything?

there is no middle. we will be flooding now. or back to no rain.

the farmer said...

did i miss anything?

Yep. You missed all of it. But its over now so there is no use dwelling on it.


I think the county fair would be a lot more fun if more people would teach their cows to do the mexican hat dance. Sort of a dressage for cows kind of thing. That would be fun.


pjk said...

If you pair that up with the yout experience (working, you little son-of-a-bitchin bastards!), a good band, some kickass Yet Reasonably Priced margaritas and some food, you got yersef a pay-per-view.

I don't care if we're talkin' dogs, cats, birds, fish, herbivores or even insects-

some of 'em just make ya wanna bust out singing "Personality!"

Just as long as someone develops a hat-dancing cow; not an altered mad cow vid.

Hope everything's greenin' up out by youse, farmer.

WTF with gas prices? Oil's been mid-to-high $80s a barrel for virtually months now, and somehow we went from $3.29 to $3.95 in the last 8 weeks.

Reminds me of Dabney Coleman in Amos 'n Andrew; "in an Election Year?!"


the farmer said...

WTF with gas prices?

This from todays Chicago Tribune might explain it:

[SNIP] Gasoline prices nationwide have drifted up a few cents over the past week, but prices in the Chicago area have spiked 24 cents per gallon. That's due in part to a ruptured pipeline that spilled 1,000 barrels of crude oil onto a Wisconsin field before shutting down and cutting off a key supply of oil to the region.

The blame also lies with several Midwestern oil refineries that ratcheted back production because of temporary and unrelated problems at those plants, experts say.

The confluence of mishaps in recent days restricted the supply of gasoline to the Chicago region and other parts of the Midwest, which raised Chicago-area prices for regular gas from $3.75 a week ago to $3.99 on Thursday, with city prices averaging $4.13, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. U.S. prices during the past week rose an average of only 4 cents. [/SNIP],0,935805.story

Just as long as someone develops a hat-dancing cow; not an altered mad cow ...

Put a hat on a mad cow and blame it on the margaritas. With a good band and some reasonably priced smoked pork BBQ they'll think they're at a Chris Christie fundraiser.

Things have definetly geened up here. Praise be unto the rain kitty!


pansypoo said...

the pipeline, NPR said gas prices would be sinking in a few weeks.