Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter: where the hell is it?

Photo from winter 2009.

Seems unusually warm this year and there ain't no snow to speak of. Where's all the snow? I'm kinda beginning to miss it. (I'll probably regret I said that)

Maybe it has something to do with all that hot gas in the atmosphere out in Iowa. It'll probably start snowing once that noxious GOP gasconade cloud drifts into New Hampshire. And eventually out to sea.



pansypoo said...

i watched 3 ice related docs last night-

polar bears-fucked



but we must NOT prevent the extraction corporations from killing us so the kock brothers can buy america + we can drive to walmart.

pansypoo said...

and its 40f today.

pjk said...

The lack of snow bothers me not a bit. Or a whit. Not even a skosh.

Snow = need to shovel/buy a snowblower/replace tires/invest in salt/fret over ice dams/scrape car windows, etc.

We'll get blasted, just you wait & see. But I ain't hangin' out at work this year in order to make the 3.2 mile trip home into a 2 hour nightmare. After the local, County & State powers that be decide to say Fuck It Until Further Notice.

the farmer said...

The lack of snow bothers me not a bit.

I hear that. But I still miss the snow for the aesthetic qualities. As well as for the needed groundwater and snowpack base it leaves lying around in the spring. Need that groundwater too. Let it snow in March (if we get blasted in March thats ok). Otherwise I don't miss it for all the reasons normally associated with not missing it: like shoveling miles of firewood into the woodstove. One thing about this year is how much less firewood I've burned. Which is a good thing since I wasn't even able to get up the road where i usually cut because of the flooding last fall. The road is still washed out. I still can't get up there. Fortunately what I cut from the usual dead tree die off down below looks like it will get me through the winter . But that wouldn't have happened if a cold snowy winter had arrived in mid or late November like it did last year.


pansypoo said...

yah. for the farmers. alas we have rain today.

the farmer said...

forecast to be near 50 new years day. be like april for the new years eve party in times square. but looks like winter might show up soon after that. the skunk (still can't get to sleep apparently) is under the birdfeed right now eating some popcorn i put out there for the squirrels yesterday afternoon. time to start ordering some seeds for next year.


pansypoo said...

snow for the 1st. but not much.