Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lord Mittens, Master of Hounds!

...poised to release mammoth legion of scent-hounds and terrier men to pursue wily Newt through the campaign mires.

At least according to this ominous communique via the SF Gate
(12-07) 22:29 PST BOSTON (AP)

Mitt Romney has a not-so-secret weapon against Newt Gingrich.

The former Massachusetts governor has built a mammoth political machine unrivaled in the GOP field, a campaign that's well entrenched in the four states to vote in January — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida — and touches dozens of other states that his opponents have largely ignored.

At its national headquarters, Romney's team is executing a strategy that takes advantage of new party rules that award convention delegates in a different way. And supporters from Alabama to Alaska say they're prepared for an extended primary battle that could go well into the summer.

Prepare the colours, summon the honorary secretaries, sound the horn!

Run Newty run. Run for the thickets.



pansypoo said...

yet the base has embraced the newt. no matter what.

pansypoo said...

google it! frothy is at #2

the farmer said...

frothy mix at no. 2? i couldn't find anything about it. although i see he's declared himself a cheese solid.


pansypoo said...

satorum-the new definition is below his campaign site!. must keep them together at least.