Friday, April 1, 2011

Sean Duffy's Smoked Hog

CNN: the Cowardly News Network - The craven corporate media toadeaters at CNN perform a little bit of selective editing public relations work, on behalf of Rep. Sean Duffy and the Wisconsin GOP. See TPM story here: TPM

and here: TPM

Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin:
DUFFY: I guarantee you, most of you, I guarantee I have more debt than all of you. Six kids. I still pay off my student loans, I still pay off my mortgage, I drive a used minivan. If you think I'm living high on the hog. I got one paycheck. I struggle to meet my bills right now. Would it be easier to me if I got more paychecks? Maybe. But, uh, at this point, I'm not living high on the hog. I have no problem... you know what. I think we should all take a step back and go, 'can everyone do more with less?' Absolutely. [source: Ed Show/MSNBC]

Yes siree, that one paycheck and a modest quarter-million dollar vacation home can really drag a poor feller off his high horse when he's just barely doing the best he can to keep from being stepped on and eaten by the greasy hog.

Maybe Rep. Duffy (R- Privation Country Club) should have a talk with Donald Trump. Pick up some tips on how to get high on the fancy pants multi-millionaire international celebrity playboy hog while simultaneously carting your narcissistic triad around in a chauffeur driven minivan and bankrupting everything you can grab a hold of in the greasy hog chase.

More on Rep Duffy's sad story of financial woe and hard scrabble sacrifice via the Ed Shultz/MSNBC/Ed Show: program segment video.

Rep Duffy's "one paycheck" congressional salary: $174,000 per year.

High on the Hog: 2008 median household income of Wisconsin family: $52,103 per year.



pansypoo said...

we all need vacation homes. has he tried camping?
birth control?

pjk said...

I really feel for the poor guy. But I mostly agree he should continue to do whatever the hell he does, On Less Than $174K.

Why don't he let loose with the typical "we're all in the same boat" shit while he's at it?

Yeah. But we're in the Ben Hur seats, while he tells us one serving of gruel per day is generous.

The phrase "ya just gotta love a Perfect Asshole" doesn't make me love guys like him. And his Legislative Immunity buddies.

Dems boycott the ramrod session and are therefor "cowardly", but none of these motherless fucks have enough of a fraction of one ball to operate in the harsh light of day.

Pass a law legally? That would be an admission that we did something a little less than legal, right?

Can't have that. Evah!