Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SBL Dept. of Sustainable Transportation

above: Coney Island, circa 1900.

above: Central Park, NYC, 1904

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pjk said...

Nice, farmer.

#3 looks like the inspiration for the SuperBird/Daytona Charger Stock Cars.

#4 looks to be methane powered.

The only one missing is the dog-powered sled from the Grinch.

jp said...

There usta be a streetcar down our street, leading to the town center, and then to other towns along the Fox river..of course the tire companies made these go away, so by the 40's, they werz no mo'... because we love our freedoms. btw, I tried getting the 3 cats to pull Scout in a wagon, but they went on strike, damn phat cat unions.

pansypoo said...

turkey power! gravee when they croak!

pjk said...

Happy Easter, folks.

We got us a turkey for tonight and a ham for Sunday. Both for less than a couple of our usual Friday Thick crust Extra cheese pizzas from the joint at the end of the road to the BatCave.

Hopefully it's calm enough outside tomorrow to get after some oil changes etc.

Latest doe kid named Cadbury in honor of her weekend arrival. I hope that finishes us off for the season.

the farmer said...

Have you ever tried goat milk ice cream? I never have but i'd like to.


pansypoo said...

milk of goat cream? making a nice pork roast for easter. SAW a lamb leg at the butcher. lot of fancy cuts there fri.

Anonymous said...

I believe we have done the ice cream, farmer. Akin to the retro hand-crank churners; unless you can make it into custard (like 30% fat + 30% sugar), it will never have a (literally) huge fan base.

pansy- I swore off leg of lamb after yakking one up on a trip to Canada with Mom & Dad in 1967.

Much like swaering off brandy after a bad experience in Boy Scouts.

Kessler for less than $14 for a 1.75 at Pick&Save? Seriously pansy. That sounds like Old Thomson/drain cleaner- but wait-

you can't get anywhere NEAR that much drain cleaner for 14 bucks!

It'd be cheaper for the government to mix that with gasoline vs. ethanol subsidies.

Disclaimer; not a whiskey fan either. So take my comments with a grain of salt and a Steel Reserve chaser.

the farmer said...

I thought the low fat content would be the selling point. And easier on the lactose intolerants too.

Much like swaering off brandy after a bad experience in Boy Scouts.

Does that mean you didn't get the walking stick with hidden brandy flask compartment badge?


pansypoo said...

i got lamb chops for an easter years ago. not a fan of mutton. tho a roast was made in denmark and so i ate it. gimme piggie.

the farmer said...

Did the spiral ham thing this year. I didn't think that was so good. Drys it out too much I think. Lamb chops would have been much better. Or spaghetti.


pjk said...

Yeah, we had that with our one & only spiral ham try. And I didn't like the "not cut to the bone" mechanical slicing, either.

Probably ok with a shitload of consumer-supplied glaze and foil and a temperature WAY lower than what they prescribe.

Screwed up twice on that post Anon & spelling error.

If I had any money, I'd have been involuntarily committed by now.