Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Here's our new Corrente SBL mascot (click pic for closer look): the custom HD Stay Behinder Lounge Critter 2010. The barking munky of SBL Hell.

Everyone gets one. So, when the Wingnut Apocalypse arrives we can jump on our SBL HD Farm-Critters (which I will customize for each of your needs) and we will ride to Vermont to join Bernie Sander's and the Red Clover Militia at the Burlington College Freedom Encampment; the newly designated capitol of the Liberal Emancipation Zone.

Once safely relocated we will be invited to participate in the annual Gathering of the Sap, pilgrimage to the birth-site of the sacred Vermontasaurus and, of course, enroll in workshops on the history of Ice Cream folk mythology and Situationist International art. Flyfishing, sleigh building, snow plowing, pagan woodstove rituals, leaf frolicking orgies, organic cheesemaking, checkers tournaments, state controlled alcoholism, smuggling Wijzonol Bouwverven paint products from the Netherlands by way of the St. Lawrence River and granite farming will be among the many opportunities available once we've settled safely in the New Green Mountain Territory. The invasion and occupation liberation of Shaker Village in New Hampshire will be a primary objective so I urge you all to join the Red Clover Militia as soon as possible.

SBLounge scooter munkies, how they sing down the highway as they travel each bend in the road. People who meet in this narcotic setting are re so hypnotized by the lovely brisk autumn air and the potato potato potato warblings of the HD-SBL Mil-Town Iron that they sometimes forget... uh, forget what exactly the point of this post is (as if there was one in the first place). Uhmm... yeah, so anyway...

consider this an S.B.L.Critter-Scooter open thread.



jp said...

Somewhere(z) between the ? fueled rants of Hunter Thompson and the doomed to deaf (yo) rune ritings (tm) of Jim Kunstler, the apocanarcotic farmer issues a call for I forget what it was about but count me in. The season is over long live the season. And if the grrrl sitting in with seasick steve was any indication, I believe I dust my broom and get there all the quicker.

pansypoo said...

is that a rice burner?

gonna suck in winter tho. brr. howbout a dog sled from hell?

the farmer said...

The season is over long live the season.
but but but... when do we find out what the new project is?

is that a rice burner?
Harley (potato potato potato).

gonna suck in winter tho.

Have to plan for the spring. probably take everyone in IL and WI etc a while to battle your way across indiana and ohio. once in ohio i'd stick close to the lake if i were you. you can hold up in Fort Kucinich once you get past the no-mans land of Indiana's 3rd district.


pansypoo said...

indiana is always the worst.

pjk said...

Never had the stones fer bike riding. I would have been a skid mark long ago, if I had.

But something along the lines of a Bombardier Can-Am, I might like.

It's been too long since I piloted a rear wheel drive American sled with actual snow tires over hill & Dale (see photo above) on the way to Grandmother's house.

My best entry-level vehicle there would probably be a used State Trooper-mobile. Look, low miles!

Right; just try and keep visions of people puking through the cage and the fact that it spent a million hours IDLING on taxpayer gas out of your head.

Give me the Postal Inspectors old one instesd.

Happy pre-Winter, people. Gird your loins for December utilities.

pansypoo said...

still barefooting.

the farmer said...

I could never afford the luxury of becoming a skid mark either. I tried it a long time ago and it wasn't that much fun. I mean it was fun up until the skid mark part of it.

I actually set out making this a biketoon about Carl Paladino. Remember Tex Cobbs character Leonard Smalls, warthog biker bounty hunter, in the movie Raising Arizona? Who ends up being blown up with one of his own grenades. Paladino always kinda reminded me of Leonard Smalls. So i set out to make a cartoon of Crazy Carl on a bike (throw in a couple of baseball bats strapped to his back...) Since Carl actually managed to get hisself blown up with one of his own grenades fer real, so to speak, when that guy from the NY Post pulled the pin and stepped back and -- ka-blooey!, that was pretty much the end of Crazy Carl's wild ride. It was pretty much all bone chips and skid marks after that. I never did bother to finish the thing. But, instead of scrapping the bike, I decided to give it to the chipmunk to ride.

I stick to my ATV. That has utilitarian value and it comes in handy all year round. Especially in the winter.


pansypoo said...

love the chippie, but ours are in for winter.

i have been a passenger and tried it once. i was a bit flummoxed by hand controls. pre-cruise control for me.

the farmer said...

Yeah, its more difficult if you aren't used to a clutch etc.


pansypoo said...

my dad was so pissed when i made a decision to tip us over into a sand pile instead of the hard dirt road. i knew we weren't gonna make that turn.
my almost imperceptible lean was enough.