Thursday, November 4, 2010

SBL Nature Trail: Loaded for Bear with Harry Reid

Apologies to my readers, both of you, for the absence of a posting during the election returns.

I was in Nevada hunting mamma grizzly with Harry Reid.

Above is a postcard I prepared celebrating the hunt. That's Harry just after he bagged his mamma grizzly named Sharron. The "don't tread on me" flag was Harry's idea. He's really a fun and funny guy around a campfire. He told me stories about how Paul Laxalt and Alfred Regnery were actually homosexual lovers who kept a secret love nest at the Silver Slipper casino and helped Howard Hughes extort Banana Ripple ice cream from the Baskin Robbins family in LA on behalf of the Mormon Mafia. Sure he did.

After Harry finished field dressing his mamma grizzly (using the hunters axe in the photo above) we drove back to his ranch in Searchlight - wherever the hell that is - and handed crazy Sharron over to a team of loyal butchers and taxidermy specialists who would lovingly turn her into tasty cuts of backstrap/tenderloin, bearpaw boots and a small bathroom throw rug.

The photo above - click for a closer look - is Harry in his trophy room with the glorious wall mounted rougue taxidermic remains of Sharron the tea-bear. Sharron Angle, the mamma grizzly who had the misfortune of trying to steal Harry Reid's picnic basket. Heh, indeedy.



pansypoo said...

lol. but i'd rather WI was as snmart, but our teabag was stealth. IF ONLY PALIN HAD COME HERE TO HELP FEINGOLD.

the farmer said...

Whats up with that anyway? What happened there to get Feingold in so much trouble?


pansypoo said...

'he's been in DC too long' ooh, ornage dude is pritee! so pretty, looks and sounds senatorial. never mind he didn't say what he would do. AND WE ARE ANGRY. GRRRRR. and sunspots yeah. we don't have to change at all.

pjk said...

I don't think Feingold did anything to endanger himself, beyond representing the interests of mere citzens of the State and the country.

But happy days are here again for the corporate masters.

Time to bring back School House Rock, to better explain things to the ever-stoopider electorate.

pansypoo said...

well, looks like scott may be endagered if it ain't better after 4 yrs. hope he doesn't benefit like tommy fucking thompson did from the clinton economy.

dr sardonicus said...

You didn't miss much. Tennessee continues its retreat from civilized society.

pansypoo said...

tenn is twined w/ KY.