Friday, October 1, 2010

Rama Rama Meatball

THEN: [Christine] O'Donnell: I Tried to Be a Hare Krishna, Failed.

Because Krishnas are vegetarians and Christine O'Donnell is a meatball.

The enchanted polpetta from the small wonder state

She's also Italian: TPM:
I was dabbling in witchcraft, I've dabbled in Buddhism. I would have become a Hare Krishna but I didn't want to become a vegetarian. And that is honestly the reason why -- because I'm Italian, I love meatballs!

An Italian meatball named O'Donnell. Krishtine O'Donnell.

!--- UPDATE ---!

Chrissy the Pooh and the Lost Bozo

Apparently O'Donnell's mama mia used to refer to her as "Chrissy the Pooh". And her father (read the ny times link) secured a show-biz gig as Bozo the Clown for a local Philadelphia television station. Eventhough, the Wiki Bozo the local clown hall of fame doesn't list (at this time) a Daniel O'Donnell as a Philadelphia television station Bozo. In any event, despite the Wiki entry, it's certainly possible her claim is true. Afterall, it's reasonable to suspect that more than one Bozo has slipped under the banana peel or fallen through the cracks in the tv clown floor over the years. Despite the big silly shoes.

Then again, maybe she's just making it all up. It wouldn't be her first time. When it comes to diddling the public with her own resume she's a regular madame frotteur.

NOTE: Chrissy the Pooh and the Lost Bozos will be appearing at the SBL Lounge this upcoming Friday and Saturday nights and will perform selections from their new release Meatball Love.

I've been dabbling all night, my hand's wet on the wheel
There's a voice in my head that makes me squeal
It's my meatball callin', says I need you dear
And it's half past four and I'm shiftin' gear

When I get lonely and the longing gets too much
He sends a cable coming in from above
I don't need no i-phone at all
I've got a thing that's called meatball love
I've got a wave in my gravy, called the meatball love

And so forth. Don't wanna miss that. Doors open at nine.

!--- Auxiliary Bozo Update ---!

"To be an official Bozo, you had to go to a special school in Texas," explained Mr. O'Donnell. He never did. Instead, he was asked to fill-in for the official Bozos whenever they would have to travel out of the Philadelphia area for acting gigs.

"They would leave, I would come in and work for two or three weeks, whatever, until the regular Bozo came back," Mr. O'Donnell said. "I was the fill-in Bozo."

Well, Texas does seem an appropriate venue for such official degrees. And now, as things would have it, the Delaware Republican Party has decided to grant similar honors. See Christine O'Donnell in Razzle Dazzle Castle Hassle (Episodes).



pansypoo said...

if only the mormons had got to her earlier, she'd be in one of those sister wife compounds

dr sardonicus said...

In other news, Farm Aid turns 25.

the farmer said...

thanks for the reminder dr s. btw: i thought maybe you'd given up entirely on the blogging.


pansypoo said...

is the election almost over?