Friday, September 3, 2010

SBL Nectar Trail

(click image for closer look)



jp said...

great pic.

Anonymous said...

it's autumn here today.

not sure if a hummer feeder worth it here in the city.


the farmer said...

i was soo-prized i'd managed to get a picture of him before he flew off in a blur. i was trying to take a picture of the chickadees that have taken to drinking from the same feeder. i never saw chickadees drink from a hummingbird feeder before - little flying junkies.

supposed to cool off a lot here too. first sighn of autumn i guess. but thats ok, its been in the low to mid 90s the last couple days...


pansypoo said...

60's again in milw.

is hummingbird feeders like a baseball diamond. if we hang it, they will come?

the farmer said...

Hummingbirds migrate close to the ground (basically jumping from yard to yard) so it helps if you have something red in your yard in the early spring to attract them and entice them to stick around.

Like a red flowering honeysuckle bush or even - for instance -a red ribbon left over from a christmas wreath (display that on the porch or a tree somewhere) and hang a feeder or two nearby. Might as well wait for next spring though - like baseball, the hummingbird season up north is almost over.


pjk said...

Has the better weather arrived for you, farmer?

Friday SUCKED here, unless you're a male goat trying to get the does thinking it's breeding season.

You know, it's crappy and drizzly and windy outside, or else I'd for sure be doing things to spruce up the place, but since we can't afford anything (damned O-baah-ma!) why don't we just stay in and knock one off?

That offer goes for the rest of your friends- and anything else that moves!

pjk said...

quinn esq has got one hell of a post over at TPM on his top 100.

If I didn't know better (and I really don't) I'd bet it was da farmer freelancing with all his spare time.

If we're to be sent to re-education camps, put me in the one with you guys.

the farmer said...

that quinn post was quite a tear. i admit i never read a quinn post or the comment threads to one before so i ain't exactly sure who some of the pricks are he was referring to.

i wish i had more time for some bloggy freelancing. if only. i think you already are in the re-education camp with us guys.


pjk said...

Vas Gibts? Bad week, everybody?

pjk said...

I'd have had a worse week if I switched places with a coworker.

He's relying on American Iron/unibody cars that have seen 15 or 20 salt-laden Winters.

Apparently "the problems started" when he took it to a local non-franchise muffler shop, and they put it on the lift. The underbody of the car shows signs of collapsing under its own weight.

So the rear suspension started to detatch from the swing points, and one too many miles finished her off. The guy says Best Car Ever, 170K miles and no leaks, drips, or burning of oil.

Pontiac 6000 LE - or as pansy may remember, the "GOOLIE" described on WLZR a few years back.

Too many bad cars, just like bad people. You need to pause and remember better times when you lose a good one.

The worst is when you "move up" on the next vehicle and sell the old one to a friend or relative.

One of two thing will happen; either it falls appart and you get to hear about it/get roped into a Unlimited Liability Corporation, or-

the FUCKING THING WON'T DIE. They get a million miles out of it without anything besides gas & oil.

If they find a new H-bird species that can shake its tailfeather 1/100th as fast as it flaps its wings, will it be designated genus Shakira?

And why can a bat still outmaneuver it? Wing surface area?

the farmer said...

Bad week, everybody?

busy week mostly. one of those weeks when stuff breaks all at once. Plus still trying to get used to the switch from 94 degrees every day to 64 degrees every day. Watching fires and crazy people on the-news... making tomato sauce...canning and freezing stuff from the gardens... etc... have two projects i have to complete (the kind ya get paid for) but i'm ignoring instead... on and on like that. Picking out my dream Harley which i'll never actually buy because i can't afford the hospital bills (whats a traumatic spinal cord or brain injury cost these days?) so i decided instead to try to save up for one of those trenchman backhoe rigs instead... And my father gave me one of those food saver machines too, so i've been spending quality time putting things in plastic bags and sucking the air out of them.


the farmer said...

I had a VW Rabbit like that once. The thing ran great but it rusted out really bad underneath. I took it in once to have some tires put on it and it started to come apart when they put it up on the lift. And that was the end for that.