Friday, September 17, 2010


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Tags: Paladino/Palin 2012!; Palin to oversee National Work-Shy Dignity Camp program in new Paladino administration! Paladino seizes upon the mystical allodial properties of 9/11 dust; Compulsory Appropriation Plan dominium eminens for Park51 and surrounding real estate. Amber the Duck to co-star as Stormy in Paladino Posse Films Newsreel production of Misty of Chincoteague.

Paladino promises to remake GOP (Times Union, Albany NY):
Paladino and his aides pledged that their next objective would be remaking the New York GOP for a new century.

"The people have redefined the Republican Party that they want in the future," Paladino said after his victory speech. "Those old party leaders -- who have been in denial -- have now heard from the people, and they've got two choices: do the people's work, or quit and go home."

Queens operative Jack Haggerty, who is under indictment for grand larceny, stood nearby, lining up Paladino's next media interview. Roger Stone, the ethereal GOP operative and onetime aide to President Richard Nixon -- Cox's father-in-law -- was unable to suppress a smile as he mingled with the crowd, having watched the speech from above and behind the stage with Ralph Lorigo, the Erie County Conservative chairman.

Michael Caputo, Paladino's campaign manager, looked so sincere when he reiterated the call for peace and unity among GOP county chairmen, who have consistently opposed, written off and even denounced him. In the next breath, he attacked the Democratic competition.

Michael Caputo is a former fat cat lobbyist and "Director of Media Services of Bush/Quayle '92 re-election campaign in Washington, DC." Among other "jobs" including adviser to El Salvador president Alfredo Cristiani (ARENA party and death squads in the 80s, etc.)

The GOTeaP = just the same old right wing networks and fat cats and money men. The same old hucksters with a new collection of snap-on-smile frontmen grifters and kooks.



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