Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Popular Fronts

Read this here (American Prospect)
Forget Populism
"The people" are no more virtuous or incorruptible than elites, and pandering to them won't advance liberal political goals.



pansypoo said...

the left needs better propaganda.

pjk said...

I don't know why they trail in stupid appeal. Must be a fact-based thing.

Yesterday's favorite quote was the insufferable Caribou Barbie reference to "the Obama Plan" for the law governing tax cuts (to allow them to "sunset").

If there's a chance for her in '12, I'd stop flushing the White House toilets now.

She can always call Joe the Fake-ass Plumber.

the farmer said...

Joe the Fake-ass Plumber

What ever happened to Tito the Builder? I guess Tito the Builder isn't on Snowflake Snooki's invite list anymore.