Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Snake is in the Swimmin Hole!

The Piper is in the Garden... The Blueberries in Alaska Ripen in the Spring...

Palin / Facebook Notes:
Just When Ya Think It Can’t Get Any More “Interesting”... Welcome, Neighbor! Monday at 10:17pm

Spring has sprung in Alaska, and with this beautiful season comes the news today that the Palins have a new neighbor! Welcome, Joe McGinniss!

Yes, that Joe McGinniss. Here he is – about 15 feet away on the neighbor’s rented deck overlooking my children’s play area and my kitchen window. Maybe we’ll welcome him with a homemade blueberry pie tomorrow so he’ll know how friendly Alaskans are.

We found out the good news today. Upon my family’s return this morning from endorsement rallies and speeches in the Lower 48 states, I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on the shorts and tank top to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy Trig in his toddler backpack for a lawn-mowing adventure, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in...

Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us. He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me. Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning. Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?

Welcome, Joe! It’ll be a great summer – come borrow a cup of sugar if ever you need some sweetener. And you know what they say about “fences make for good neighbors”? Well, we’ll get started on that tall fence tomorrow, and I’ll try to keep Trig’s squeals down to a quiet giggle so we don’t disturb your peaceful summer. Enjoy!

- Sarah Palin

SBL intel dump with satellite imagery (click images for closer look):

Also too see image above (without emphasis) at Alaska

The Piper is in the garden. [repeat] The Piper is in the garden.

(click images for full size views)

OMG! If Bristol Palin married Oscar Mayer and they had a baby and named it Squibb it would be known as Bristol-Mayer's Squibb. OMG!



pansypoo said...

when is palin in alaska?

dr sardonicus said...

The lunatic is on the grass...

the farmer said...

When Harper's Bazaar is doing a fluff-n-puff feature on her daughter for their July issue.


Anonymous said...

This is frikkin hilarious, especially the second image. Bravo!


pansypoo said...

lol. the greta trailer.

of course palin just has a fucking green green lawn.

pjk said...

I'm sure Todd's BUDDIES helped him with the lawn as well as the shack, pansy.

Does that Caribou's Bunghole of a town have a waste water treatment plant yet? Maybe part of what the "Thanks (for half the money) but no thanks on the Bridge to Nowhere project" funds got spent on-

unless it all gets put into the Alaskan Conservative Legal Defense Fund.

But give the Todd Mann some credit; he's at least knocking off a small percentage of the (ahem) every time someone sees that hag and utters "fuck that bitchbox!", requirement that someone, do.

I personally believe that doesn't make him a better man than I.

pansypoo said...

meh. i want to abstain from palin.

the farmer said...

meh. i want to abstain from palin.

uh oh. should i stop posting about palin?


the farmer said...

"Joe McGinniss talks about why he moved in next to Sarah Palin":


pansypoo said...

i am sorta.