Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PNS Special Investigations

...with host Mr. P-Niss reporting.


The Peripheral News System (PNS):
...resides or extends outside the central nervous network (CNN), which consists of a conventionally compromised brain and spinal cord. The main function of the PNS is to connect the CNN to idiosyncratic limbs and organs. Unlike the central nervous network (CNN), the PNS is not protected by bone or by the blood-brain barrier, leaving it exposed to toxins and mechanical injuries. ~ (Wiki)

Mr. Pniss Genitalia, whose years of reporting have earned him the prestigious P. Buddy Award for Excellence in Journalistic Peculiarity, will be your host each week for PNS's Saturation Room.

Mr. Pniss lives in Pomonkey, Maryland with his wife Vniss and their two children: a son Woody and daughter Juturna.

Mr. Pniss has lived in both Red States and Blue States and has visited many throbbing Purple regions throughout the nation over the years. The Genitalia's are descendants of Toscana as well as Scottish Middle March Border Reiver clans.


Christianist Welfare Queens in State Sponsored Limousines (@TPM).



pansypoo said...

please tell me there is a democrat at least running in FL.

pjk said...

Best like-niss ever, farmer.

Exposed to toxins?! Like my SENAEMM (Surface Epidermal Network and Exposed Mucous Membranes) are every day at work? Brrr!

The rest of it I can get working prosthetic replacements for.

They're not in Lake Ponchdaclown township?

re;other-Sure wish I made enough to hire a rentboy to carry my baggage on a European fact-finding mission.

Damn. Picked the wrong profession. But none of my guidance counselors ever suggested trying to act holy, patriotic, or wholly patriotic on the tube & at the lobbyist cash drop points as a lucrative career.

No, get into machining and manufacturing! Good Trade! Job Security! Decent Wages and Benefits! They'll always need ya!

Like Nurses. Or Teachers. Or Infantry. We're all cannon fodder or raw material or numbers upon one might sell short for big gains.

But they'll always need us! So bullshit the next generation, and keep that pipeline gushing forth with more than you can sop up.

Fuck It; let's all become private contractors, and write off the dually Cummins turbo diesel and the gas card and a shitload of other bills by being both our own employer and a small business owner as well.

Job security would remain the same.

187# of cans = around $130 when the Landowner cashed them in Monday. God Bless the people who invented the aluminum can!

I get a warm feeling from Cash for Scrap trips. Some people might get the same sensation from hearing an overpaid assclown invoke the Founding Fathers. Maybe that's the political divide in this country nowadays.

dr sardonicus said...

You mean the little fucker got married and you're only now getting around to telling us?

the farmer said...

you're only now getting around to telling us?

Huh? What? The Genitalias have been together for many years. Like several years ago when they tried to drown Kate Barton in Nantucket Sound. See (scroll down page):

You have been spending too much time watching turds float downriver. You need to focus upstream.


the farmer said...

Best like-niss ever, farmer.

Eerie ain't it? Even better than the Karen Hughes / Hermann Goering like-niss.


pansypoo said...

she has here daddy's ears.