Friday, May 14, 2010

PNS Investigative Report: What do we really know about US Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts?

Pat Buchanan (among others) helps us better understand women who play professional golf softball and what we can infer about someone who enjoys that kind of life-style experience:

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Tonight, Pat Buchanan joins the discussion with MR. P-Niss to examine the issue of what we can conclude about Chief Justice John G. Roberts based upon the Chief Justice's own personal past history:

Roberts attended Notre Dame Elementary School, a Roman Catholic grade school in Long Beach, and then La Lumiere School, a Roman Catholic boarding school in LaPorte, Indiana and was an excellent student and athlete. He studied five years of Latin (in his four years) and some French, and was known for his devotion to his studies. [---] ...and was a Regional Champion in wrestling. He participated in choir and drama,...

We have learned that Justice Roberts was a wrestler. A sport that entails tumbling around on a hard rubber floor mat in compromising positions with other sweaty young men wearing skintight lycra, spandex or nylon outfits called singlets:
There are three different traditional "cuts" to wrestling singlets: the high cut, the fila cut, and the low cut. The high cut covers most of the chest and reaches up to the under-arms on the side. The fila cut is like the high cut but does not rise up as high beneath the arms. The low cut singlet is a revealing singlet, that allows greater range of mobility, keeps its wearer cooler, tends to be more comfortable when not on the mat (wrestlers tend to wear their singlets under their clothes nearly all day in some circumstances). The low cut reaches down to the middle abdomen in the front, reaches down to the hips on the sides, and features a single strap that runs up the back that is very thin. - [ wiki ]


In addition to his interests in all male wrestling and tight fitting elastane fashionwear Judge Roberts "participated in choir and drama." And, he speaks French!

How fabulous is that? Well, I dunno about you but if I had an eye for gayspotting like Pat Buchanan does I'd say its pretty dang fabulous.

And lets not forget that Justice Roberts is also a devout Catholic who attended Catholic boarding school as a boy. I don't think I need to explain to anyone where that sort of inference may lead.

I'm not suggesting that Justice Roberts spends his free time these days lounging around his judicial chamber in a nylon catsuit sipping expensive Beaujolais, listening to Edith Piaf recordings, and thinking back fondly on all those after school workouts spent practicing submission holds with assistant coach Brother Steve - but - then again, and afterall, what do we really know about Chief Justice John G. Roberts?

We'll ask Pat Buchanan, who knows a thing or two about this kind of analysis and what kind of conclusions we can reach as a result, to weigh in on the matter.

Over to you, Pat.



pansypoo said...

i guess i must be a lesbian too. single woman over 30.

the farmer said...

Do you find yourself wandering through video rental stores late at night looking for old circa late 70s breaker-breaker trucker convoy movies co-starring Dyan Cannon? Or wondering whatever became of KD Lang?


pansypoo said...

um, no. and i prefer men.